Wandoan Arts Council Inc. - Creative Arts Escape 2023

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In late February of 2023, Wandoan Arts Council Inc. hosted their 2023 Wandoan Arts Council Creative Arts Escape at the Wandoan Cultural Community Centre. 

Funding from the Regional Arts Development Fund Program went towards hiring the 7 tutors, who each provided a unique and interactive arts workshop. 

Over 150 people from all over Queensland came to indulge in many different arts and crafts on offer. The event featured 31 different workshops, with all participants being able to take home their new creations.  Examples of the workshops that were available on the day include:  

  • Bonsai Workshops 
  • Basket Weaving 
  • Wire Garden Insects 
  • Resin Serving and Cheese Boards 
  • Alcohol In Silk Scarves 

The project not only provided a space to learn about the arts, but also a chance to foster community by providing social inclusion and interaction amongst attendees.  

We would like to congratulate the Wandoan Arts Council on their effort that went into hosting a brilliant event, and we would like to recognise the work they have put into providing artistic opportunities for the Wandoan community.  

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