Adopt a Street Tree

Adopt a Street Tree Badge Adopt a Street Tree is a collaborative program between Council and residents to beautify our region by caring for trees on the verge outside their homes. 

The Adopt a Street Tree program brings many benefits including cooler streets, increased bird and insect life, slowed storm water run off, improved air quality, noise reduction and increased privacy. Council continue to care for a large number of trees across our region, but we've found that through this program, there is an increased chance of the trees prospering when receiving additional care and help from our residents. 

This free initiative is open to all residents within town limits of the Western Downs. Once you have applied, your property will be assessed for suitability, and appropriate trees will be ordered to be included in the planting stage. 

When your adopted tree arrives, you will receive helpful resources about your specific tree species including a recommended watering guide and some tips and tricks on how to care for it. 

You don't have to be a green thumb to Adopt a Street Tree, and if you notice anything that might cause you concern in regard to your tree's health, call our friendly Parks and Recreation team on 1300 268 624 who will be happy to assist.

Applications Closed

Adopt a Street Tree applications are currently closed. Keep across Council's communication channels to find out about our next application period.  

Tree species

Callery Pear  |  Callistemon  |  Crepe Myrtle  |  Flameleaf Bottle Tree  |  Jacaranda  |  Kauri Pine  |  Lemon Scented Gum  |  Leopard  |  Melaleuca  |  Olive  |  Tuckeroo

Please note: Tree species cannot be selected or requested, the type of tree you receive will be determined by our Parks and Recreation team after they have assessed your verge. 

Frequently asked questions

Who can adopt a street tree?

All properties within town limits are eligible to apply for the Adopt a Street Tree program. If you are renting, your landlord will need to apply for you.

I have powerlines above my footpath, can I still get a tree?

Yes. Once an application has been received, our Parks and Recreation team will assess the property and take note of any potential obstructions such as powerlines, underground infrastructure (eg. sewer and water lines), and existing footpath space to ensure that we supply you with the best tree for your property. 

My neighbours had street trees planted yesterday, can I get some too?

Due to our program running on a 12-month cycle, this means that when we are planting, applications are closed. You can submit an application when our next Adopt a Street Tree round opens which is September to December each year.

I ordered my tree in September, when will it be planted?

Our Adopt a Street Tree program operates on a 12-month calendar, planting will occur in the following Autumn of each year. 


Who will water my tree?

Our Parks and Recreation team will help the tree become established by supporting the juvenile tree for the first eight weeks after it is planted with watering and pruning if required. It is your responsibility however to water the tree each week and report any problems or diseased trees to Western Downs Regional Council on 1300 268 624.