Purchase Orders, Invoicing and Payment


Purchase Orders

The terms & conditions of Council issued Purchase Orders can be found at the below, and will apply if no other contractual arrangement has been made between Council and a supplier.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions


Invoices are to be submitted via email to accounts@wdrc.qld.gov.au, and are to state:

  1. Purchase Order or Contract and Claim number;
  2. Contact person; and
  3. Western Downs Regional Council as the addressee.

These items are the key to all processes associated with paying accounts on time and must be quoted to ensure prompt payment. Of particular importance are Purchase Orders and Contract Claims, which facilitates Council's Payment Process.

For more information on this process please view the Frequently Asked Questions factsheet below.

Invoicing Frequently Asked Questions

Additionally, invoices must comply with the requirements of the Australian Taxation Office, which can be found here.


Council's standard payment terms are within 30 days of receiving a properly rendered invoice.

Council's preferred method of payment is by electronic funds transfer. To enable this you will be sent a Creditor Application Form to complete. This information is for your protection and to ensure the payment of funds is direct to your nominated bank account.

Council endeavours to maintain and update supplier details on a regular basis. If any of your details change, please email accounts@wdrc.qld.gov.au.