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Garbage and Recycling Collection Service

This service features a 240L garbage bin serviced weekly and a 240L yellow lidded recycling bin serviced fortnightly.

Your service day and recycling week can be found by referring to the links below. Your recycling bin will be collected on the same service day however on alternating fortnights. For a hard copy of the recycling calendar, please contact Council

Find Your Bin Day and Recycling Week

Recycling Calendar and Waste Checklist(PDF, 400KB)

How much does a waste collection service cost?

Conditions of Service - What can I put in my bins?

It is important to have your bin out for collection by 6.00am on your collection day.

Please place your bin with the bin opening facing the road and always keep the bin clear of:

  • Overhead wires
  • Trees and branches
  • Power poles
  • Parked cars
  • Heavy traffic
  • Sloping / uneven ground

Ensure that the bin lid can be closed and your bin is not overfilled with excess rubbish. Maximum serviceable weight for a wheelie bin is approximately 40kg.

What can go in my general waste bin?

  • Ceramic, china and pottery
  • Clothing
  • Drinking glasses
  • Food scraps
  • Garden and other greenwaste as long as any branches are cut to below 50cm in length and no thicker than 15cm
  • General household waste
  • Light bulbs and fluorescent lamps
  • Mirrors, window glass, automotive glass, safety glass
  • Nappies
  • Plastic bags and plastic wrap
  • Pyrex and ovenproof glass
  • Styrofoam and polystyrene

Please keep in mind that there are many charities that may want your good, useable household items such as crockery, glassware and clothing. Please help us divert waste from the landfill by recycling what you can.

WDRC Waste General Waste Guide

What cannot go in my general waste bin?

  • Asbestos
  • Building or renovation waste eg: plasterboard, fittings, fixtures, large pieces of PVC pipe
  • Bricks, concrete, masonry, tiles, rocks, soil etc.
  • Car motor, car batteries or car parts
  • E-waste (Note - most supervised waste facilities have designated E-waste disposal skips which enable recycling of many materials)
  • Furniture
  • Gas cylinders
  • Hot ashes - please wait for ashes to be cold and soaked through with water before disposing of them in the bin. Alternatively, bury them in the garden.
  • Items longer than 50cm or thicker than 15cm as these can jam the internal mechanics of the truck. If disposing of broom or mop handles, please break up before placing into bin.
  • Liquid waste, chemicals or oil
  • Mattresses
  • Paint (in liquid form). Please totally dry out before disposing in bin.
  • Treated timber eg cabinetry, laminates, fence palings
  • TV’s
  • Tyres
  • White goods

Many of these items can be disposed of at our waste facilities. For further information please refer to waste disposal

WDRC Waste General Waste Guide

What can go in my recycling bin?

  • Glass bottles and jars (no lids please)
  • Clean newspaper, paper, magazines and brochures
  • Steel and aluminium cans, empty aerosols
  • Milk and juice cartons
  • Rigid plastic containers and bottles from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry
  • Cardboard boxes and cartons

WDRC Waste What you can recycle

What can't go in my recycling bin?

  • Nappies
  • Polystyrene foam
  • Plastic bags, packets and film
  • Syringes and medical waste
  • Light globes and fluorescent lights
  • Mirrors and window glass
  • Food scraps
  • Gas bottles, batteries, paint and oil
  • Ceramics, crockery and glasses
  • Soil, rocks, grass and other greenwaste
  • Chemicals and pesticides

WDRC Waste What you can not recycle


Application for a New or Additional Service

Use this form if your property is within a waste collection area and you require a new or additional service.

The owner of the property must sign this form.

New or Additional Waste and Recycling Collection Service(PDF, 135KB)

Application to Opt In to a Garbage and Recycling Service

Use this form if your property is outside the waste collection area, but you would like to apply for a Waste and Recycling Service.

Applications are subject to approval by Council's Waste Collection Contractor.

The owner of the property must sign this form.

Opt In for a New Waste and Recycling Collection Service(PDF, 224KB)


Cancel your Waste and Recycling Service

Use this form if you would like to cancel your Waste and Recycling Service.

Please note:

  • If your property falls within a domestic rating category, is within the mandatory Waste Collection Area, and is able to be occupied, one waste collection service must remain.
  • If your property falls within a commercial rating category and is within the mandatory Waste Collection Area you must supply Council with proof of alternative waste service arrangements before services can be cancelled.

Cancel Domestic Waste and Recycling Service(PDF, 224KB)

Cancel Commercial Waste and Recycling Service(PDF, 229KB)

Assisted Service

An Assisted Service is available to residents who are unable to present their bins and have no friends, family or neighbours who may be able to do so on their behalf.

Please note: A GP will need to complete the bottom of the form.

Apply for an assisted service(PDF, 318KB)


FAQs About Waste Collection

What will the collection service cost me?

Please refer to Council's summary of waste collection fees and charges for the current fee. Each service includes one general waste bin serviced weekly and one yellow lidded recycling bin serviced fortnightly.

What can I do if I want an extra bin?

Rate payer consent must be provided as additional services will incur an additional fee.

Apply for an additional service(PDF, 135KB)

The fee for each additional service is the same as a standard service listed here.

How do I know what day my bin will be collected?

Please see Council's online days of service map or contact Council's Customer Contact Centre on 1300 268 624.

What do I do if my bin service is missed?

Visit Council's Public Notices page to check for notices of missed, delayed or unserviceable locations in your area. 
Contact Council's Customer Contact Centre on 1300 268 624.

Upon receiving your enquiry, a Council Officer will investigate. Truck video footage will be viewed to determine if the bin was presented for collection.  If it is determined that the Contractor is at fault, the following will apply:

  • Dalby: Your bin will be collected within one working day.
  • Chinchilla: Your bin will be collected within two working days.
  • Other Areas: Unfortunately, it may be a week until your garbage bin can be collected (fortnightly for recycling).

Alternatively, you may transport your waste to the nearest waste facility.

If it is determined that the bin was not presented in time for collection and you still require it to be emptied, charges will apply. 

What should I do if I have put my wheelie bin out too late?

If your bin was not emptied due to it not being put out prior to collection, waste can be taken to the closest waste facility, otherwise it will have to wait for collection the following week.

Alternatively, you may wish to organise an unscheduled service, however this will incur a fee. Please contact Council on 1300 268 624 for further information.

There is no fee charged for disposing of your own household waste at your local waste facility. 

Will I be charged if I take my bin to a waste facility?

Fees do not apply for the disposal of domestic waste at any of Council's waste facilities as per the current Fees and Charges Schedule. However, fees typically apply to commercial, industrial, construction and demolition waste.

What do I do if my bin is damaged, loses a lid or is stolen?

It is the resident's responsibility to ensure bins are left at a suitable site for collection and returned to a safe storage area as soon as practicable following service of the bins. However, should your bin/s be stolen or damaged, please contact Council's Customer Contact Centre on 1300 268 624.

Stolen bins will be replaced.

Damaged bins will be repaired where possible. However, if the bin is not serviceable, it will be replaced.

  • Please leave the damaged bin out until it is repaired or replaced.

If I move into a new house / unit etc and it doesn't have a wheelie bin, what should I do?

To organise the replacement of a missing bin, please Contact Council's Customer Contact Centre on 1300 268 624 or email Please include your address and contact details.

Can I be charged on a pro-rata basis? (The number of times my bin is out for collection)

Unfortunately pro-rata charging is not an option, as it would be administratively impossible to implement with Council's rating system.

You will be charged a standard service fee via your rates notice, regardless as to whether your bin is presented for collection each week (garbage) / fortnight (recycling).

What do I do if there is nowhere to leave my bin for collection?

Should your kerb be unformed or there is no obvious location to leave your bin to be serviced, bins can be left on:

  • the edge of driveways;
  • the opposite side of the road; or
  • adjoining streets (please notify Council)

I cannot take my bin to the road as I have a long driveway.

It is the resident's responsibility to ensure bins are left at a suitable site for collection and returned to a safe storage area as soon as practicable following the service of the bins. It is not permitted to permanently leave the bins on the footpath or wherever they are left for servicing.

Residents may choose to:

  • leave the bins at the property's entrance and dispose of garbage and recyclables into the bins upon leaving the property. Should theft be of concern, the resident may choose to chain the bins to a fence post or similar; or
  • drive the bins to the road (by attaching bins to a tow ball or by lifting the bins into the back of a utility or similar).