Columboola EEC - Connecting with our Environment

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In March of 2023, Columboola Environmental Education Centre (CEEC) commenced its 'Connecting with our Environment' initiative.  

The project included the establishment of a user-friendly 'reduce, recycle, reuse' waste management facility. The facility comes with many opportunities for the students to interact with waste in preparation for composting. The processes include: 

  • Collecting waste 
  • Measuring waste 
  • Sorting waste to identify recyclable matter 
  • Distributing waste to the corresponding compartments on composters 

After the initial phase of the project, students are then engaged in the process of utilising the composted material through the: 

  • Collection from the composting compartments 
  • Transport to the location 
  • Preparation of the site 
  • Depositing of composted materials
  • Finalisation of the site 

The initiative is implemented with hopes that the students and visitors engaged in every step of the process will understand and shape their community through the promotion of sustainable practices.  

Funding from the Recycle Market Enviro Grants Program went towards the purchase of the rotational composters to process waste, as well as equipment that students and teachers can use prepare and distribute compostable material.    

Western Downs Regional Council would like to acknowledge the effort and initiative Columboola Environmental Education Centre has taken to not only establish and carry out sustainable practices for their facility, but to also share these practices with the region via education of students.  

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Recycle Market Enviro Grants Program is a program that was established in conjunction with the Western Downs Regional Council and Iolar Operational Services to help provide opportunities for; Community health and wellbeing, Efficiency and environmental sustainability, and Educational initiatives about waste and recycling.