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Athlone Cottage - Jandowae - Historic Trails

Heritage Trails

The Western Downs was built by early pioneers who braved the harsh environment of unexplored terrain to establish cattle stations, railway extensions, and productive farm land. Our pioneering history is vivid and highly valued in each of our towns. We invite you to explore the foundations of our communities through the significant sites, historic buildings and notable landmarks in one of our Heritage Trails.

Jandowae Heritage Trail

Take a walk or drive through Jandowae and visit 16 different locations rich in  history and full of amazing stories, including;

  • Athlone Cottage
  • The Railway
  • The Catholic Church
  • The Club Hotel
  • Queensland National Bank Building
  • The Stationmasters House
  • The Memorial Hall
  • Jandowae's First School Building
  • Old Post Office
  • The Gatehouse Medical Practice
  • The Church of England
  • Jandowae Lighthouse
  • Golf Club
  • Bottle Tree
  • Dingo Barrier Fence
  • Jandowae Dam

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Please note: Content and history contributed by the Jandowae Progress & Heritage Association Inc.


Tara Yesteryears Trail

The Tara Yesteryears Trail covers the following historic locations:

  • Lagoon and Walking Trail
  • Scout Log Cabin
  • Catholic Church
  • Tara and District Historical Society
  • Tara Shire Council
  • Clock and Cenotaph
  • Apex Amenities (Public Conveniences)
  • Lifeline Building
  • Tara Memorial Swimming Pool
  • QCWA Building
  • Tara Medical Centre
  • Commerical Hotel
  • Woolshed Bakery
  • Grain Silos
  • Neighbourood Centre
  • Henry Buildings
  • Tara Cemetery

Tara-Yesteryears-Trail-fact-sheet.pdf(PDF, 508KB)


Wandoan Heritage Trail

The Wandoan Heritage Trail covers 30 historic locations within and around town.

Along the trail you'll discover sites including:

  • Wandoan Windmill and Visitor Centre
  • Mick the Dog and O'Sullivan Park
  • Town Bore and Water Tower
  • Community Cultural Centre and Wandoan Heritage Stone
  • Old Town Hall
  • Royds Street Mural
  • Juandah Hotel
  • Wandoan Post Office
  • Waterloo Plains Environmental Park
  • Wandoan State School
  • Scout Den
  • Lawn Bowls Club
  • Old Guide Hut (Meals-on-wheels)
  • Hamlyn Street Cemetery Reserve
  • Old Dip Yards
  • Juandah Historical Site
  • Golf Club
  • Wandoan War Memorial Showgrounds
  • Parkside Timber Mill
  • Windeyer Road Cemetery Reserve
  • Old Sale Yards Site
  • Grains Silos
  • Railway Station Site

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Please Note: Content and history contributed by the Juandah Heritage Society Inc.


Walking and Cycle Tracks

The Western Downs is fortunate to boast a range of scenic and intriguing locations that allow you to relax, slow down and get close to nature while absorbing the beauty of the Western Downs. Many of these have been developed into wonderful walkways with interpretive signage and fully paved tracks that you can casually cycle or enjoy on foot. Keep the following tracks in mind when staying in our communities and unwind from the day by strolling along their paths.

Bunya Mountains Mountain Bike Trails

Tucked away in the foothills of the Bunya Mountains, mountain biking enthusiasts, and leisure pedallers alike can navigate approximately 18km of trails in Russell Park. The park has three designated mountain bike trails and one shared-use trail for hikers and bikers to explore in unison. Find out more here.

Best For: Thrill-seekers, families and nature lovers
Avg. Distance: Approximately 18km of trails in total
Time to Complete: Varies

Myall Creek Parklands Walkway Dalby

Located in the heart of Dalby, take in the picturesque views while leisurely walking along Myall Creek.

Best For: Nature lovers, bird watchers, families, dog walkers
Avg. Distance: 1km
Walking Time: 15 minutes

Myall-Creek-Parkland-Walkway-Dalby-fact-sheet.pdf(PDF, 260KB)

Tara Lagoon Parklands and Walk of Remembrance

Take yourself on a stroll around the Tara Lagoon Parklands and the Walk of Remembrance, commemorating members of the armed services who lived in the Tara region.

Best for: Nature lovers, families, fishing enthusiasts, dog walkers, history lovers, members of armed services
Avg. Distance: 1.2km
Walking Time: 
20 minutes

Tara-Lagoon-Parklands-Walk-fact-sheet-1.pdf(PDF, 196KB)

Meandarra Family Walkway Meandarra

Walk the most picturesque setting of this country's beauty, see the koalas in the nearby gums and enjoy the melody of birdlife as you stroll through the Meandarra Family Walkway.

Best For: History lovers, nature enthusiasts, families, bird watchers
Avg. Distance: 900m
Walking Time: 15 minutes

Meandarra-Family-Walkway-fact-sheet.pdf(PDF, 263KB)

Dogwood Creek Walking Track Miles

Get your steps up with Dogwood Creek Walking Track. walk amongst the beautiful native flora and fauna, circling the western and northern perimeters of town.

Best for: Families, nature lovers, dog walkers, fitness gurus/
Avg. Distance: 2.1km
Walking Time: 20-30 minutes

Dogwood-Creek-Walking-Track-fact-sheet.pdf(PDF, 328KB)

Charley's Creek Walk

The walk takes you along the beautiful creek in Chinchilla displaying some of the lovely landscapes and wildlife of the region.

Avg. Distance: 250m
Walking Time: 10 minutes

Chinchilla-Walking-Tracks-fact-sheet.pdf(PDF, 259KB)

Hugh Sawrey Walk Kogan

Hugh Sawrey Walk is a short walk in Kogan rich in history. Art lovers can enjoy the bronze sculptures while leisurely walking along the pathway.

Avg. Distance: 50m
Walking Time: 5 minutes

Hugh-Sawrey-Walk-Kogan-fact-sheet.pdf(PDF, 240KB)