Flood Damage Restoration


 Whilst the Western Downs region have been fortunate to receive high rainfall over the last 12 months, the continuing wet weather has resulted in five (5) flooding events that has seriously impacted the community.  Flooding has affected many households and created problems for farmers and local businesses throughout the region.  It has also caused substantial damage to Council's road network which is by length the longest road network in Queensland.

As part of the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) Council can apply for financial assistance to help communities recover from eligible disasters, such as flooding.

WDRC's transport network has been inspected and defects on the network collected to compile a comprehensive list of damage to be repaired.

The Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) has identified that the Western Downs has the largest road reconstruction program in Queensland as a result of this recent flooding. 

At this stage it is estimated to be $168 million. This entire program needs to be completed before June 2024.

Such a large program of works will require external resources to help deliver this work and to also allow Council to deliver the high priority planned projects as part of our capital works program.

Council has recently engaged two local civil consultancy companies to help plan, package and deliver this large flood damage program.  We are one of the first Councils to commence delivery of the reconstruction works caused by the 2021/22 flood events.  Whilst we are aiming to deliver this region wide flood damage reconstruction package as quickly as possible, due to the size of the program this realistically means some roads will not be repaired for up to 18 months.

Council has held a civil contractor information session in August 2022.  Very soon Council will be going out to market for civil contractors to start quoting work packages to reconstruct and repair our local roads.

Council's Works crews have been completing temporary repairs to reinstate access immediately after the flooding events and heavy rainfall.  To try to reduce the impact of the repair delays for our community and road users we will continue to prioritise and target problematic or vulnerable areas of the road network as soon as possible.  The remaining less urgent works will be delivered by Council's external flood damage reconstruction crews over the coming months.

Council's Works staff are currently working through a backlog of customer service requests - if you have not yet been contacted or have not received a response or update, our team will be in touch as soon as possible to respond to your specific request. If you have any concerns regarding a road within the Western Downs region - please contact Council to report the issue.

We understand the inconvenience and frustration caused by the flood damage and we ask for your patience as the reconstruction works are planned and delivered.  The safety of our community, road users and road crews are our utmost importance.  Please obey road signage and drive to the conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact Council on 1300 COUNCIL.