Chinchilla Family Support Centre - Reducing Landfill

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The start of September 2023 saw the completion of a wonderful initiative by the Chinchilla Family Support Centre. The Reducing Landfill project was introduced to provide accessible options to increase recycling, improve community knowledge and awareness, and to reduce local landfill. 

Funding from the Recycle Market Enviro Grants Program (a joint initiative between Council and Iolar Operational Services) was used to establish and complete the project over the course of 5 months. 

The project consisted of two schemes, with the first being the installation of recycling bins. Having talked with the local community before the project, the Centre were able to identify and respond to the lack of recycling point options, especially for specific items such as medication packets. The now newly installed bins each have a specific purpose, with one dedicated to the collection of plastic lids whilst the other is available for the disposal medication blister packs.  

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The second scheme was the creation of party kits, designed to eliminate the majority of common waste involved when hosting events. Party kits contain reusable partyware, and are packed into boxes and able to be borrowed by community members. The kits contain 8 settings of “themed” partyware, including plates, bowls, cups, platters and decorations. With each use, the positive environmental impact of the party kit increases as less single-use partyware ends up in landfill.  

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We would like to acknowledge the Chinchilla Family Support Centre's dedication to developing and implementing environmentally conscious projects built around helping their community.  

Recycle Market Enviro Grants Program is a program that was established in conjunction with the Western Downs Regional Council and Iolar Operational Services to help provide opportunities for; Community health and wellbeing, Efficiency and environmental sustainability, and Educational initiatives about waste and recycling.