Western Downs Regional Council is a strong advocate for volunteerism and is proud of the volunteering culture present within the community. 

Council values the significant contribution made by community members who volunteer their time to support several diverse Council programs and services. Council also recognises that it is important for members of the community to have the opportunity to participate more in community life and develop their skills, interests and expertise. Council aspires to make the volunteer experience an enjoyable and rewarding one and to encourage personal and professional growth for volunteers.

Our volunteering system is currently undergoing maintenance. We will not be accepting applications at this time. We thank you for your patience. 

Council offers a variety of volunteering opportunities at multiple locations.  You can volunteer across a number of areas such as:


Across the region, Council has a variety of volunteering opportunities that work with and benefit the community. These include: 

Parks & Gardens 

If you enjoy being in the outdoors and getting your hands dirty, or want to make a contribution to the upkeep and beautification of our natural assets,  Council offers volunteering opportunities in the below parks and gardens: 

  • Chinchilla Botanic Parklands 
  • Wandoan Avenue of Honour

Animal Centres

If you enjoy working with and caring for animals, Council offers volunteering opportunities in the below Ranger Services Animal Centres:

  • Chinchilla Animal Centre
  • Dalby Animal Centre 

If you think you’ve got what it takes, apply to be a Communities Volunteer today!




Volunteers make a significant contribution to the delivery of regional festivals and major events.

Western Downs Regional Council has developed a volunteer database for our Regional Event Committee's to call on volunteers to fill roles at their events. 

The Major Events & Festivals of our region include: 

  • Back to the Bush Festival 
  • Big Skies Festival 
  • Chinchilla Melon Festival
  • Delicious & DeLIGHTful Festival 
  • Jandowae Timbertown
  • Opera at Jimbour
  • Tara Festival of Culture & Camel Races
  • Words Out West

If you think you’ve got what it takes, apply to be an Events Volunteer today!

1805_Big Skies_103.JPG

Libraries & Galleries


Library Services volunteers may assist with a variety of tasks; whether you enjoy being hands-on with books, creating displays or shelving books. Volunteers may also assist with routine work performed at branches and participate in special projects and events depending on their skills, interest and the availability of suitable tasks. 

Locations include: 

  • Chinchilla Library 
  • Dalby Library
  • Jandowae Library 
  • Tara Library


 Volunteers can assist at Dogwood Crossing, Miles in a variety of ways including: 

  • Plan the annual exhibition program and associated public programs
  • The demount and installation of exhibitions
  • Preparing and presenting  Dogwood Crossing public programs and special events

If you think you’ve got what it takes, apply to be a Libraries & Galleries Volunteer today!




Across the region, Council's Visitor Information Centre (VIC) Ambassadors provide effective and comprehensive travel information, promote local and regional experiences, events and tourism products to visitors. 

Locations include: 

  • Chinchilla Visitor Information Centre
  • Dalby Visitor Information Centre
  • Miles Visitor Information Centre
  • Moonie Rural Transaction Centre

If you think you’ve got what it takes, apply to be a Tourism Volunteer today!


Benefits - Why volunteer?

Volunteering is about making a difference in your community and can offer the following personal benefits: 

  • Act on your values, passions and interests
  • Make new friendships and create professional networks
  • Gain work experience, learn new skills and build confidence
  • Enjoy new social and cultural experiences
  • Enjoy better mental and physical health
  • Challenge yourself in a supportive environment 
  • Help your community