Stock Routes

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The stock route network is primarily used by the pastoral industry:

  • as an alternative to transporting stock by rail or road
  • for pasture for emergency agistment

A stock route can be a road that is declared to be a stock route under Queensland legislation, or it may simply be any route that has customarily been used for walking stock.

Download the Queensland stock route network map

Travel Permits


A Stock Route Travel Permit is required to move stock on foot on:

  • Stock Routes
  • Reserves for travelling stock
  • Roads and other land under local government control
  • Unallocated state land adjoining any of these listed land types

You can download the Travel Permit Application Form below. Please allow 10 days for processing.

Travel Permit Application Form


Grazing Permit

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A stock route grazing (agistment) permit is required to agist stock on:

  • stock routes
  • reserves for travelling stock
  • roads and other land under local government control

The purpose of the permit is to provide short-term relief while longer term strategies are put in place.

Grazing (agistment) permits are issued for a maximum of 28 days and can be renewed once only.

Download the Grazing (Agistment) Permit Application form below. Please allow 10 days for processing.

Grazing (Agistment) Permit Application form

Local Stock Travel

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A travel permit is not required for local movements, when

  • the properties are owned by the same landowner and worked as a single enterprise
  • travel occurs during a single day in daylight hours
  • travel is for animal husbandry or property management purposes only.

**Any travel on a State Controlled Road - Contact Transport & Main roads for advice/requirements**

Wandering Stock

A person must not allow stock to stray onto the stock route network or public roads and reserves.

Stock found to be wandering on public land may be impounded.

If you see stock wandering on the roads please report to Council on 1300 268 624

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