Drainage & Stormwater

Workers installing water pipe

A permit is required to perform any works in a Council managed road reserve (the public land outside the private property boundary). 

These works may include constructing a vehicle crossover to a driveway, or connecting stormwater drainage to the Council-owned drainage system. 

If you are planning to do any works in the road reserve, please touch base with Council first. 

Who is responsible?

Stormwater drains are owned by property owners and Council.

Property owners

Property owners are responsible for all stormwater drainage within their property, to the point where it connects into the Council-managed drain (this is the legal point of discharge). This includes the section of drains from their property to the legal point of discharge.

Where the Council drain is in the street, some of the private drainage pipes will sit outside of the property boundary.

Property owners are also responsible for drainage issues originating on their property that may impact neighbouring properties.


Council manages a large network of underground drains (pipes) and overland drainage (swale drains). This drainage may exist within Council road reserves, Council land and on private land with a drainage easement. Council are responsible for pipes and pits located within drainage easements or road reserves, as well as roadside drainage such as the kerb and channel or open table drains. This excludes house connections within the road reserve.

Report a drainage issue

Who you report a drainage issue to depends on the nature of the issue and who is responsible. You can report a drainage issue by contacting the Customer Contact Centre on 1300 COUNCIL (1300 268 624).

Who to Contact

Drainage Issue
Who to Contact

Blocked or broken Council drain (drainage outside the property boundary,

including kerb and channel, drainage pits etc)


Damaged or broken pit lid


Blocked or leaking private drain (drainage on your property up to and

including the legal point of discharge)

Drainage within your property boundary is your responsibility.

Council recommends contacting a local plumber.

Burst water mains, sewerage or issues with water supply


Water coming onto your land from a neighbour's property

Property owners are responsible for their own drainage.

Speak with your neighbour to find a solution. 

If this can't be resolved please contact Council.