Moonie State School - Moonie Community Garden

Garden Opening MSS.JPG

The 2nd of December 2022 saw the official opening of an incredible project by the Moonie State School Parents and Citizens' Association. Recycle Market Enviro Grants Program funding of $20,000.00 saw the installation of a Moonie Community Garden, to help the community to provide education opportunities, create environmental awareness, and promote health and wellbeing. Located on the northern boundary of the Moonie State School, the funding went towards many items for the 18m x 25m plot, such as the purchase of soil, turf, pathways, irrigation, a mixture of garden plants and advanced trees.

With the Stage 1 of the product finished, the Moonie Community Garden will certainly become a vital pillar of the Moonie Community, with its hopes to benefit nearly 5,000 people.
We wish the Moonie State School P&C the best of luck in their journey towards the culmination of their Community Garden project. 

Moonie State School Community Garden.jpg


Recycle Market Enviro Grants Program is a program that was established in conjunction with the Western Downs Regional Council and Iolar Operational Services to help provide opportunities for; Community health and wellbeing, Efficiency and environmental sustainability, and Educational initiatives about waste and recycling.