Wambo Shire River Improvement Trust



About the Trust 

The mission of the Wambo Shire River Improvement Trust is to protect and enhance the function and health of creeks and rivers in the Wambo Shire River Improvement Trust area. 

The Wambo Shire River Improvement Trust works in partnership with Western Downs Regional Council, landholders and community groups to undertake priority projects and support community involvement on matters of river management. 

The Wambo Shire River Improvement Trust was established in 1960. The Trust is one of 11 trusts across Queensland, with the responsibility for improving the flow of water in rivers to correct erosion and reduce the impact of flood waters. 

The Trust is a statutory body constituted under the River Improvement Trust Act 1940 and Regulations and operates under the powers and responsibilities of that legislation. 

The Trust implements projects and engages with stakeholders to achieve the following outcomes: 

  • Active community involvement in riverine management; 
  • Improved functionality and integrity of the creek and rivers; 

  • Improved health and function of riparian zones;  and 

  • Productive landscapes. 

The Wambo Shire River Improvement Trust area applies to all named creeks and rivers in part of the Western Downs Regional Council that covers the former Shire of Wambo boundary. 

Current Projects 

Jinghi Jinghi Creek


Jinghi Jinghi Creek is severely silted in areas, channelising the flow and causing scouring and erosion to the creek bed and banks. Existing infrastructure at that location is in poor condition due to corrosion of steel gabion mesh baskets. This project will restore correct creek profile in critical areas and replace two damaged gabion silt trap structures. 

Summerhill Creek


Summerhill Creek flows are breaking out of the channel and causing substantial damage at the Kleinschmidts Road floodway crossing. The project will desilt and realign the creek for approximately one kilometre to direct flows to the road drainage structure. The project is being implemented in conjunction with Western Downs Regional Council repair works to Kleinschmidts Road floodway roadworks. 

Jandowae Creek


Jandowae Creek is badly scoured in large sections from flooding and crossings have been compromised. Significant rehabilitation works are required to stabilise the banks, prevent further damage and silting, and for safety. The project will involve taking a staged approach to bank stabilisation and protection. 


Recently Completed Projects 

Due to the continuous wet weather and multiple flooding events, the Trust has been unable to complete any major works recently.  


John Alexander (Chair) 

Liz Otto (Member) 

Cr Greg Olm (Western Downs Regional Council) 

Cr Sam Condon (Western Downs Regional Council) 

Executive Duties (Western Downs Regional Council)