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Vision and Reporting

The Western Downs is a Diverse Region at the Forefront of the Changing World, and this represents Council's vision for the Western Downs and guides our planning and decision making.

2021 - 2026 Corporate Plan

2021 - 2026 Corporate Plan

The 2021 - 2026 Corporate Plan provides clear and concise strategic direction that guides operational activities over five years.

The plan sets out Council's strategic priorities: 

Strong Diverse Economy | Active Vibrant Community | Quality Lifestyle | Sustainable Organisation

The Corporate Plan outlines the success we are aspiring to achieve under each of these priority areas. Importantly, the plan also outlines key strategic issues that Council will advocate for on behalf of the community.

Corporate-Plan-2021-2026.jpg(PDF, 620KB)

Operational Plan

In addition to having a Corporate Plan, a local government must have an Operational Plan for each financial year as a means of implementing the Corporate Plan and advance Council's vision over the financial year. The Operational Plan assigns corporate responsibility and monitors operational performance.

Our quarterly reports provide information to Council and the community on progress of the Operational Plan actions.

View the Quarterly Reviews for 2022-23:

Quarter One 2023-24 Operational Plan Review(PDF, 2MB)

Quarter Two 2023-24 Operational Plan Review(PDF, 2MB)

Quater Three 2023-24 Operational Plan Review(PDF, 2MB)

Annual Reports

The Annual Report serves to keep our stakeholders, including residents, ratepayers, businesses and industry, employees, community groups and partnering government agencies, informed of our performance over the previous financial year. The Annual Report focuses on Council's financial and operational performance for each financial year.

Annual Report 2022-23

Annual Report 2022-23(PDF, 86MB)

Past Annual Reports

Annual Report 2021-22(PDF, 37MB)

Annual Report 2020-21(PDF, 41MB)

Annual Report 2019 -20(PDF, 27MB)

Annual Report 2018-19(PDF, 11MB)

Annual Report 2017-18(PDF, 5MB)

Annual Report 2016-17(PDF, 9MB)

Communications and Community Engagement Strategy

In 2021, Council added a strategic priority to the 2021-2026 Corporate Plan committing to 'Meaningful Communications & Community Engagement' in the delivery of the Corporate Plan objectives. As part of this commitment, a Communications and Community Engagement Strategy was developed based on region-wide community and stakeholder engagement in 2022. The strategy outlines Council's key commitments to communication and engagement with our community, including a plan for implementation of changes in improvements over a three-year period.

Comms Strategy on a Page Thumbnail.jpg(PDF, 1MB)

Discussion Paper thumbnail.jpg(PDF, 3MB)