What is a reserve?

A reserve is the pre-purchase of a burial or ashes site (right of burial). This does not include the cost of the burial.

What is a burial rights holder?

A burial rights holder is the person who is responsible for a plot or ashes niche.

Can all cemetery services be pre-purchased?

No, Council only accepts pre-purchase of a burial or ashes site. Plaques, interment fees etc are payable at the time of need.

Can ashes go into a grave?

Yes, in all sections with approval from the burial rights holder.

How many interments can be accommodated in a single grave?

All graves are generally prepared for two burials as a standard. A grave can accommodate up to 3 burials but this needs to be requested at the time of the first interment. Graves in designated children’s section are only single depth. (Please Note: older graves were not prepared at this standard and each request for a second interment will need to be considered individually).

Can burials take place at weekends or public holidays?

Yes, subject to availability of staff. Additional charges apply – refer to Council’s fees and charges.

Can I place flowers on graves?

Flowers may be placed in Council-issued receptacles on a beam or headstone in the lawn cemeteries. Flowers may also be placed within the confines of a plot in the monumental cemetery where the grave top has been paved or has a low fence to enclose the plot area. Refer to Councils’ Cemetery Operations Policy.

Can I arrange my own plaque in a lawn cemetery?

No, Council determines the standard size and design for all memorial plaques and is therefore responsible for arranging a plaque on your behalf to ensure conformity.

An old plaque looks dull, can it be reconditioned?

Yes, existing plaques can be refurbished at the customer’s request. Charges apply.

Who is responsible for memorials in the monumental cemeteries?

Headstones and monuments in the general sections of Council’s cemeteries are the responsibility of the right of burial holder. Council may conduct works to make an area safe but will not undertake repairs should a monument be damaged, vandalised or fall into disrepair.

Who can install or repair monuments?

All work to monuments must be undertaken by qualified stonemasons. Council’s ‘Application to erect monument or carry out maintenance’ form must be submitted.

Can I arrange for a burial?

No, funerals must be arranged by a recognised funeral director.

Do I need a funeral plan?

You do not have to have a funeral plan but it does alleviate the financial stress and burden on your family.

Other Items to Consider

You might like to consider the following items that you can pre-determine so that family are easily able to carry out your wishes after you’re gone:

  • Burial or cremation?
  • Church or graveside?
  • Private or public service?
  • Flowers or donations?
  • Which cemetery and service e.g lawn grave/monumental, niche/garden/scattered?
  • Type of memorial and wording?