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Council is the distribution authority for a reticulated gas network located within the Dalby town boundary.

The franchise has operated since 1975 and the undertaking includes approximately 3,000 natural gas consumers, with 80% of the available area in the reticulated network. The network functions as a business unit for Council and provides revenue outside of traditional rating areas of responsibility. Council is committed to an ongoing gas franchise operation with the objective of providing a low cost premium fuel, at an affordable price, to its valued consumers.

For more information or to make an enquiry in relation to Council’s natural gas service or for billing and account enquiries please contact Council on 1300 COUNCIL (1300 268 624).

Access Charge and Consumption

Natural gas tariffs and regulatory charges are set during Council budget deliberations each financial year. Customers are notified through a pricing notice as soon as practical of any changes to the tariff schedule. Council bills for every mega joule (Mj) of gas consumed based on official meter readings. Gas meters record usage in cubic meters (m3) which is converted to mega joules for billing purposes. Meters are read and accounts sent every three months for residential properties and bi-monthly for some commercial premises.

Gas Tariffs


The pricing structure for domestic reticulated Natural Gas for 2023/24 is as follows:

Supply Charge per Month


 Supply Charge per Quarter $69.92

First 60,000 Mj per quarter

$0.0477 per Mj

Next 90,000 Mj per quarter

$0.0440 per Mj

All consumption greater than 150,000 Mj per quarter

$0.0382 per Mj



The pricing structure for commercial reticulated Natural for 2023/24 is as follows:

Supply Charge

$23.30 per month

First 20,000 Mj per month

$0.0477 per Mj

Next 30,000 Mj per month

$0.0440 per Mj

All consumption greater than 50,000 Mj per month

$0.0382 per Mj

Over 1,000,000 Mj per annum

Individual Contracts apply


Download the Gas Tariff Fact Sheet

Further Information 

Regulatory Fees and Charges

To apply for a new standard gas connection to your property in Dalby, or check if natural gas is available to your property or to enquire about non-standard connections, please contact Council on 1300 COUNCIL.

All charges are inclusive of GST where applicable. Please refer to Council’s fees and charges.

Standard Gas Sale Contract

Council has developed a Standard Gas Sale Contract. This contract is about the sale of gas to you as a small exempt customer at your premises. This contract sets out the terms and conditions for a Standard Gas Sale Contract for a small exempt customer under the conditions of our seller exemption under the National Energy Retail Law. The Standard Gas Sale Contract starts without you having to sign a document agreeing to these terms and conditions. In addition to this contract, the gas laws and other consumer laws also contain rules about the sale of gas and we will comply with these rules in our dealings with you.

Access the contract here(PDF, 929KB)

Natural Gas Customer Charter

Council has developed a Natural Gas Customer Charter which is a summary of rights and obligations under the Gas Supply Act 2003. The charter outlines what you can expect from Council as your distributor of Natural Gas, and your obligations to us. 

Access the charter here(PDF, 3MB)

Customer Forms