Rural Addressing

Photo of Rural Property Marker

Rural addressing is a system of allocating a unique number to a rural property in accordance with Australian Standard (4819:2011 Rural and Urban Addressing).

A visible, well-maintained rural address number can save vital time in locating your property by emergency services if the need arises.

What are the benefits?

The main reason a property should have a rural address number is so emergency services can find your property quickly. It also provides access to postage and other services. Once a property has been allocated a rural address number, this can be used as a primary address and recognised by organisations such as Telstra, Australia Post, Ergon Energy etc.

How is a rural address number determined?

The rural number is determined by measuring the distance (in metres) from the start of the road (datum point) to the property access and dividing it by ten, then rounding to the nearest odd number on the left side of the road, or even number on the right side. 

Rural Property Marker Diagram

Allocation and Installation

When a request comes through to Western Downs Regional Council for a rural address number, Council attend the property and allocate a number. Council then install a rural address post and number in a suitable location free of charge. 

How to apply for a rural address number?

Property owners can apply for a rural address number by completing the application form available below or from a Customer Contact Centre. Tenants and lease holders must contact the property owner to complete the application process.

If you have any questions about rural addressing, please contact Council on 1300 COUNCIL or visit your local Customer Contact Centre.