Adopt a Pound Pet

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Thinking of adopting a furry friend?

If you're thinking of adding a furry friend to your family, the Dalby or Chinchilla Animal Pound has adoptable dogs and cats who are looking for their forever homes. With Council's Pound Pets Program, your new friend will come microchipped and desexed.

This program aims to increase the re-homing rates of impounded animals that are eligible and suitable for adoption while encouraging responsible pet ownership across our region. Council's Pound Pets come from across the entire Western Downs Region for rehoming. 

What animals are available?

From time to time, Council's Animal Pound houses unclaimed cats and dogs and surrendered pets, some of which are suitable for adoption. Find out which animals are currently available for adoption at the 'View adoptable animals' link below.

To enquire about adopting one of our Pound Pets, call Council on 1300 COUNCIL (1300 268 624).  

A number of Pound Pets are also advertised each week in Council's eNewsletter. These animals are subject to availability.

If you are seeking a particular kind of dog or cat, contact our Animal Pound team to see if we can help you find your new family member. Phone 1300 COUNCIL (1300 268 624) or email our Animal Management team.

View adoptable animals


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider before adopting a pet?

Pets can bring a lot of joy to their owners, but there are responsibilities to consider before making the lifelong commitment of getting a pet. Some things to consider include:

  • Does your residence have sufficient space and fencing?
  • Does the breed's requirements suit your lifestyle and budget?
  • Are you able to afford the costs associated with care, feeding and registration?
  • Will your new pet get along with existing pets?
  • For tenants, does your landlord or body corporate allow pets?

Check the Responsible Pet Ownership Guide to see how many pets you're allowed.

How much does it cost to adopt a Pound Pet?

Animal Adoption Fees:
Animal Adoption Fee (Dog) - Including Microchipping and Desexing - $200.00
Animal Adoption Fee (Cat) - Includes Microchipping and Desexing  - $85.00
Prices include GST. Prices current as of July 2021. List of fees and charges.

Vouchers to local Veterinary Clinics for free Desexing are provided if your pet is too young at the time of adoption. 

Note: Your new pound pet will require vaccinations, and other health care.

How does the free desexing program work?

The Pound Pets Program includes the mandatory desexing and microchipping of all cats and dogs adopted from Council's Pounds as part of the adoption fee. Only local approved veterinary surgeons are used for the program. 

When you adopt a Pound Pet you simply pay the adoption fee and the registration fee (other than for cats where no registration fee applies). Council staff will make the necessary booking with a vet in our Council area, or alternatively provide you with a Desexing Voucher for a Council approved vet if your pet is too young. You will be advised by Council of the day and time to collect your newest family member from the veterinary surgery.  

Note: Additional costs associated with post-surgery treatments may be incurred. These costs are the responsibility of the pet owner, not Council. 

What costs do I need to consider for the life of my new pet?

All pets have ongoing costs and health care needs. You should consult your local Veterinary Surgeon for specific advice on your pet. Generally, however, you need to consider the following:

  • Regular vaccinations and worming
  • Regular treatment for insects such as fleas, ticks, lice, mites, midge and mosquitoes
  • High quality food. Not only does this assist in maintaining your pet's health it can reduce the amount of faeces they produce.
  • Regular checks by a veterinary surgeon

What vets are approved for me to use the desexing voucher?

  • Bell Veterinary Services
    49-53 Dennis Street, Bell  Qld  4408
    Phone: (07) 4663 1315
  • Chinchilla Vet Services
    204 Gormleys Road, Chinchilla  Qld  4413
    Phone: (07) 4662 7637
  • Jandowae Veterinary Services
    61 Warra Street, Jandowae  Qld  4410
    Phone: (07) 4668 5224
  • Knox Veterinary
    56 Drayton Street, Dalby  Qld  4405
    Phone: (07) 4662 2301
  • Total Care Veterinarians
    5 Drayton Street, Dalby  Qld  4405
    Phone: (07) 4669 6800
  • Western Downs Veterinary Services
    Meandarra  Qld  4422
    Phone: 0484 607 253



The Pound Pet adopter shall be responsible for any claims, complaints, or causes of action whatsoever, whether in law or equity, against the Western Downs Regional Council for injury caused to any person or property; and any loss, expenses (ie veterinary costs, pet behavioural and medical costs etc.) arising from the adopted Pound Pet. Council makes no representations or warranties about the adopted Pound Pet including its behaviour or health.