Planning and Development Certificates


In addition to the information freely available on Council's website through the Development.i tool (i.e. search for copies of development approvals that apply to a property) or Council's Online Mapping System (i.e. access information on the zoning or planning overlays which apply to a property), Council also provides Planning and Development Certificates to the public on request for an applicable fee.

Planning and Development Certificates are often requested by those seeking to purchase a new property or by those who are proposing further development on a property. The purpose of Planning and Development Certificates is to provide information to the public about the Planning Scheme provisions, infrastructure charges or agreements, and development approvals that apply to a specific property.

There are three types of Planning and Development Certificates, and these are:

  • Limited Planning and Development Certificate; 
  • Standard Planning and Development Certificate; and
  • Full Planning and Development Certificate.

What are the timeframes for Planning and Development Certificates?

The following timeframes apply to requests for Planning and Development Certificates:

Limited Planning and Development Certificate 5 business days 
Standard Planning and Development Certificate  10 business days 
Full Planning and Development Certificate  30 business days 

Note:   A business day does not include a public holiday or weekend. 

How do I request a Planning and Development Certificate?

To request a Planning and Development Certificate, please complete a Property Request Form and pay the relevant fee specified on the Form for the type of Planning Certificate you seek. 

The Property Request Form can be accessed below: 

Property Search Request(PDF, 934KB)(PDF, 233KB)

The applicable fee needs to be paid prior to Council Officers preparing the Planning and Development Certificate.

Payment can be made by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), cheque, cash or by requesting an invoice ( invoice will allow for payment using B Pay).  If an invoice is requested, please provide the exact name and address required on the invoice as it cannot be changed once the invoice has been generated.

Where multiple properties are listed on the Property Search Form, you may need to pay a fee for each separate parcel of land, as these searches may be treated as separate requests.

For information on the type of information that is provided within each of the abovementioned Planning and Development Certificates, please refer to Council's Planning and Development Certificate Fact Sheet which can be accessed via the button below.

Planning and Development Certificate Factsheet(DOCX, 537KB)

Please submit your request to Council, by sending the request electronically to