DA Forms and State Resources


Development Application Forms

Development Applications must be made to Council using the current State mandated development assessment forms for the relevant type of development. 

The development application (DA) forms are identified within the table below. 

Application Form

When is the application form used?

DA Form 1

This form is used for assessable development including Reconfiguring a Lot, Material Change of Use, Operational Work and Building Works Assessable against the Planning Scheme.

DA Form 2

This form is used for a Building Works Application and for Building Works Assessable against the Planning Scheme where Council is a Referral Agency.

DA Form 5

This form is used when applying for a Minor Change application or an Other Change Application to change an existing Development Approval.

Extension Application Form

This form is used for requests to extend the currency period for an existing development approval.

The development application forms listed in the table above along with other helpful templates can be accessed via the link to the State Government website below:

Access DA Forms 

The current development application form that is applicable to the relevant type of development must be used.  The State Government regularly updates these forms, so please follow the above link to ensure that you are submitting the latest version of the relevant form.

State Mapping Resources

If you are planning on lodging a development application for Assessable Development (i.e. a Material Change of Use, Reconfiguring a Lot and Operational Works) with Council, it is important to determine if your application will require referral as part of the Development Assessment Process to the State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA) or a third party agency identified within Schedule 10 of the Planning Regulation 2017.  

When preparing a development application for Assessable Development, it is the applicant’s responsibility to identify whether there are any referrals associated with your application.

The State Government has online Development Assessment Mapping System (DAMS) which will assist you in identifying if your application will require referral to SARA or a third party referral agency (i.e. for example Powerlink Queensland).   

The DAMS Mapping Resource can be accessed by clicking on the button below:

Access State Government Mapping