Submit a Planning Application


When lodging an application for assessable development with Council, you must ensure that the application meets the requirements of a "properly made" application in accordance with Section 51 of the Planning Act 2016.   

Lodging an application that is not properly made will delay the progress of the application through the development assessment process, until the application becomes properly made.  

In order for an application to be properly made, you must ensure that your application includes the following information:

  • The latest version of the relevant Development Application Form required for the type of Development Application that you are lodging (generally will be DA Form 1 or DA Form 2).
  • Payment of the relevant development application fee in accordance with Council's current Register of Cost Recovery Fees and Charges.
  • Written Owner's Consent from the land owner/s of the property subject to the application.
  • Accompanied by all the additional documents and material specified in the applicable form, which may include:
  • lodgement of a scaled Site Plan prepared by a qualified professional clearly illustrating the proposed development;
  • lodgement of scaled Elevation Plans prepared by a qualified professional illustrating a street view of the building/s and providing the minimum and maximum height above ground level (ie  if new buildings or extensions to existing building/s will be constructed as part of the proposal);
  • lodgement of scaled Floor Plans prepared by a qualified professional illustrating the internal rooms' layout of the building/s (ie  if new buildings or extensions to existing building/s will be constructed as part of the proposal);  and
  • a Planning Report or Code assessment which provides an assessment against all relevant Assessment Benchmarks of the Codes of the Planning Scheme relevant to the proposal. 

Council's Planning Officers can answer any questions you have regarding the development assessment process to assist you in the preparation of your application. However, Council's Planning Officers are unable to prepare your application on your behalf. 

The development assessment process involves steps and actions required to be undertaken by you as the applicant, and within statutory timeframes.  While anyone can lodge an application, it is recommended that applicants without significant experience or knowledge regarding the development assessment process, engage an appropriately qualified Planning Consultant to prepare, lodge and manage the application on your behalf.

The State Government provides useful Planning resources to assist you in preparing your application which can be accessed below:

State Government Resources 

Once your application has been prepared, you can submit the application to Council via email or post, or by lodging it at any Council Customer Service Centre.

Western Downs Regional Council does not currently have an online application lodgement service.