Community Events Program

Yabbie Races

Support for social, cultural and sporting events that celebrate our diversity, connect our communities and activate our parks, open spaces and community facilities.

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The Community Events Program supports organisations to undertake activities or programs that contribute to one or more of the following:

  • Empower our communities to develop social, cultural or sporting events
  • Promote participation in volunteering
  • Contribute to the local and regional economy
  • Create activities that unite and connect our people

Specific Program Guidelines

A lower priority will be given to events that intend to gift part of the profits to a Charity. If funds are granted, the organisation will be required to retain an amount at least equal to the Council grant amount which is to be directed towards the running of the next event. Council will not fund these events on a recurrent basis.

Events with the sole purpose of fundraising for transfer to a third party are not eligible for funding.

Council will not support funds towards the cost of purchase of alcohol related products.

Funding is available in three categories. Your funding request must not exceed the amount available in the appropriate category. If you are unsure which category your event falls in, please contact the Grants team for assistance:

Local Community Event

An event attracting an attendance of up to 500 people and of interest to a local community or a small segment of the region. Typically, this is a single day event.

Up to $750.00 is available in this category.

Regional Community Event

An event attracting an attendance up to 1,000 people with the potential to attract attendees from across the Western Downs region, neighbouring regions and provide reasonable economic and social benefits to the region. The event may run more than one day. This category includes funding for:

  • Race Days (e.g. Horse, Camel, Yabbie).

Up to $2,500.00 cash and $2,500.00 In Kind Assistance is available in this category to a maximum value of $5,000.00. 

Significant Community Event

An event potentially running longer than one day and typically involving up to 2,000 people. These events will attract visitors from outside the regional area and provide positive economic and social benefits to the region. This category includes funding for:

  • Historical activities and milestone events e.g. 50 year anniversary and milestone celebrations and significant milestone step celebrations over 50 years. Please note that School P&C’s are eligible to apply under this category for historical and milestone events.
  • A detailed full event proposal outlining the significance of your event (template available) must be submitted.
  • Applications in this category will be scored on a weighted criteria to determine the level of funding received. The assessment criteria will be:
    • Uniting and connecting our people
    • Volunteer participation
    • Number of attendees from outside the Western Downs Region
    • Financial viability of the event and the organisation
    • Positive contribution to the local economy

Funding between $5,000.00 and $10,000.00 is available in this category made up of cash and/or In Kind.

(In Kind Assistance to a maximum of $4,000.00).

Apply for Funding ($5,000 and Under)

Apply for Funding (Over $5,000)