Waste Disposal & Recycling


Waste on the Western Downs Snapshot

Sort it. Load it. Recycle it!

Western Downs Regional Council has upgraded a number of their waste disposal facilities to include more opportunities for recycling. The Dalby Waste and Recycling Centre, Chinchilla Waste and Recycling Centre, Miles Waste and Recycling Centre and the Winfields Road Waste Management Centre at Jandowae are state of the art facilities designed to maximise recovery of recyclables.

Sort It. Load It. Recycle It! Towards a Waste Wise Western Downs

Please check acceptance criteria for wastes that are presented for disposal at a Council facility by referring to Council’s Waste Management Waste Acceptance Criteria Policy.

Council also offers waste collection services. To find out more about this, see our Waste Collection page here or download the 2022/2023 Recycling Calendar.

Recycling opportunities at the region’s waste disposal facilities

Did you know that there are now recycling opportunities at all of the region’s waste disposal facilities?

Residents are being encouraged to deposit recyclable materials in the dedicated recycling areas (where present) at the waste disposal facilities, thereby helping to reduce the volumes of waste being buried in the region’s landfills.

The recycling of many of the materials is free to both residential and commercial customers unless specified.

CLICK HERE to find out more about materials accepted for recycling in the Western Downs.


Find out more about the drumMuster program here.

Waste Disposal Fact Sheets

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Fact Sheet – Clean Timber 1.67 MB
Fact Sheet – Disposal of Clean Fill 187.31 KB
Fact Sheet – DrumMuster 664.11 KB
Fact Sheet – Fire Extinguisher Disposal 200.16 KB
Fact Sheet – Gas Cylinder Acceptance and Handling 315.58 KB
Fact Sheet – Macalister Waste Landfill Closure 65.90 KB
Fact Sheet – Solid and Liquid Waste Enquiries 428.64 KB
Fact Sheet – Waste Facility Weighbridges 190.11 KB

A change for the better

In the past, there was unrestricted access to Council’s ‘tips’ or landfills for waste disposal, with very little, if any, recycling undertaken at all. In recent years, Western Downs Regional Council has worked hard to expand the recycling opportunities at its major waste disposal facilities, and some of the rural facilities as well, to meet demand and user expectation. The major waste disposal facilities are now also supervised and the Dalby, Chinchilla, Tara and Miles facilities are open 7 days a week, including public holidays.

View the opening times of all the region’s waste facilities

Preparing for your visit to the waste disposal facility

Prior to visiting one of the region’s waste disposal facilities, it is worth considering what types of waste you have for disposal and which are suitable for recycling. Thinking about sorting your load before you leave home could save yourself some time and effort when you get to the waste disposal facility. Many of the facilities are now set up to allow you to drop off the recyclable items first and then dispose of any general waste last. At the main supervised facilities, there are greater opportunities for recycling and you will be directed to the recycling drop off areas prior to disposing of any general waste in the landfill trench. At the unsupervised sites, please refer to signage for direction and instructions.

How to sort and segregate your load

Before you start loading your waste, separate the recyclable waste items from the general waste and place all waste material into piles depending on type. Place all general waste, destined for landfill, at the rear of your load as you will drop this off last. Stack piles of greenwaste, timber, soil, concrete around the sides and middle and place any scrap metal and flattened cardboard on the top. Remember any cooking or motor oil should be transported in a sealed container to prevent leakage. Comingled recyclables and any items suitable for reuse or recycling at The Recycling Market should be stacked at the front of the load. It is also essential to remember to secure your load by tying it down with a rope or straps or covering with a net or tarpaulin to prevent litter or potential road accidents.

On arrival at the waste disposal facility, the attendant on site will direct you to The Recycling Market and/or the recycling bays or you can follow the signage. By sorting and segregating your waste prior to visiting the waste disposal facilities, you will not only find it easier and neater to load but quicker and safer to dispose of the waste at the designated areas when you reach the site. You will also be assisting Western Downs Regional Council in improving its resource recovery and recycling rates by diverting waste from landfill.

What are the benefits of waste segregation?

Westerns Downs Regional Council are working towards improving resource recovery through increasing recycling facilities at the waste disposal facilities in the region for both domestic and commercial customers. This in turn is helping to divert waste from landfill.

Encouraging people to utilise the recycling facilities available at these sites lessens the environmental impact of waste disposal by reducing the volumes of waste going to landfill. With limited available space and restrictions on new landfill establishment, the provision of recycling facilities offers an effective and more sustainable alternative to managing the region’s waste.

Feedback to Council suggests that the majority of users approve of the new recycling opportunities available at the waste disposal facilities and demand is for further expansion of these recycling facilities.

Sort it. Load it. Recycle it! By sorting and segregating your load, you will not only save yourself time and effort, but will also be making a positive contribution to the economic and environmental future of Western Downs.