YES! 2024

Yes! Dalby 2023

The Youth Entrepreneurship Summit (YES) aims to inspire the youth of the Western Downs to dream big, embrace their potential, and seize opportunities in business and their future careers.

This is an interactive summit designed to inspire and empower a generation of brave, creative, and entrepreneurial young leaders in a high-energy event.

YES is run by young people, for young people.

Primary and Secondary Students

Wednesday, 14 February 2024 | 9am - 2pm

Country Hope Church, 3 Burbank Street, Chinchilla 

Keynote Speaker | Anthony Pieters

Keynote and Panel Profile Pictures-01.png Anthony Pieters

Anthony Pieters, a self-taught artist born in 1989 on the Gold Coast, Australia, is leaving a significant mark in both the fine art and entertainment realms. By day, he meticulously crafts detailed artworks for collectors, and by night, he captivates live audiences as a dynamic speed artist.

Despite the apparent divergence in his artistic pursuits, Anthony views them as complementary expressions of his creativity. His fine art demands a serene, private setting, yielding intricately textured pieces, while his live performances generate expressive, unrefined, raw, and bold artworks, driven by audience engagement.

In recent years, Anthony's textured landscape and figurative pieces have gained traction, with his Instagram alias @artem.patet amassing over 8 million views in just a few years. This exposure has opened numerous doors, enabling him to sustain a livelihood through his art.

Since introducing texture into his work in 2020, Anthony's art has garnered high demand from collectors and interior designers globally. His pieces adorn prominent locations, such as a 5-star hotel lobby in Dubai and the rooms of a luxurious Sydney hotel.

As a performer, Anthony brings high-energy and expressiveness to his regular shows in the Gold Coast and Brisbane region. Incorporating music and dance into his black and white figurative pen drawings, he creates an engaging spectacle that surprises and captivates audiences.

Looking ahead, Anthony envisions expanding his artistic endeavors by creating visual experiences that resonate with a global audience. He aspires to orchestrate solo exhibitions where fine art pieces respond to live speed art performances, aiming to forge a memorable, cohesive experience. Anthony believes in the significance of timing and looks forward to realizing these ideas when the audience is ready.

Undoubtedly, Anthony Pieters is poised to continue producing engaging and innovative artwork for years to come.

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Panelist | Payton Leahy

Keynote and Panel Profile Pictures-04.png Payton Leahy

Payton Leahy has earned an enviable reputation as a baker in the Western Downs. She is the local go-to-girl for beautifully decorated occasion cakes, biscuits and other treats.

Payton was born and raised on a generation-owned property situated on the border of the Western Downs and Maranoa Regions.

Payton’s Pantry bakes orders on request, for example; cakes for most occasions, treat boxes, personalised biscuits and gourmet cupcakes. Payton also does market stalls and pop-up shops from time to time.

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Panelist | Clancy Sinnamon

Keynote and Panel Profile Pictures-02.png Clancy Sinnamon

Clancy is a freelance filmmaker and videographer who has traveled Australia and the World with his camera. Most recently he was embedded in the Australian Cricket Team to film season 3 of “The Test” which airs on Amazon Prime.

He runs his own production business “CC Donut Productions” and founded “The Outback Film Club” which educates young people about filmmaking through fun filled workshops.

Clancy comes from the small country town of Jackson between Miles and Roma. He went to Dulacca State School and played sport for Miles, Chinchilla and Dalby as a kid. He is very passionate about inspiring the next generation of kids in the bush to think outside the box and chase their dreams!

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Panelist | Emily Glennie

Keynote and Panel Profile Pictures-03.png Emily Glennie

Emily Glennie, a dynamic and ambitious young entrepreneur, hails from the picturesque town of Dalby. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Emily is the proud owner of Glow Pilates Co, a flourishing wellness venture that has rapidly gained local acclaim.

Emily's journey to success began in mid-2022 when she initiated small matwork Pilates classes at her local hall, all while juggling a demanding 9-5 job. Her passion for Pilates and dedication to her vision soon caught the attention of the local newspaper, which featured her inspiring story on the front page.

Undeterred by challenges, Emily's business rapidly evolved. By the end of 2022, she made a significant leap, acquiring three reformers and relocating her Pilates studio to her own residence. Demonstrating unwavering commitment, Emily made the bold decision to quit her 9-5 job and pursue her passion for Pilates full time.

The rapid growth of Glow Pilates Co is a testament to Emily's keen business acumen and her ability to seize opportunities. Despite the speed at which her venture expanded, Emily remained steadfast in her belief that she had stumbled upon a remarkable idea.

As the business continues to thrive, Emily recently welcomed her first employee aboard, marking another milestone in Glow Pilates Co's success story. With a vision fueled by determination and a commitment to wellness, Emily Glennie is not just shaping bodies but also creating a legacy as a prominent entrepreneur in the local community.


Panelist | Lisel Dingley

Keynote and Panel Profile Pictures-05.png Lisel Dingley

Lisel is a passionate and driven Certified Environmental Practitioner, Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control, and the founder and Managing Director of Dynamic Environmental Services. Lisel applies her broad and thorough knowledge of environmental management and legislation to enable clients to meet internal and external goals efficiently.

Lisel expertly navigates challenges to not only solve the current question, but to develop effective processes and upskill your staff to set up your organisation up for future success.

Lisel’s resourcefulness and keen eye for detail will provide confidence that every project, from onsite inspections to desktop audits, Contaminated Land to weed management, and water sampling to land rehabilitation are managed with the utmost integrity.


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  • Wednesday, 14 February 2024 | 09:00 AM - 02:00 PM


Country Hope Church, 3 Burbank Street, Chinchilla, 4413, View Map

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