Plumbing Approval Process

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Lodging a Plumbing Application

Plumbing work that is not unregulated works, minor works, or notifiable works will require a Plumbing Approval from Council. Plumbing Works that are Permit Works must be carried out by a Licensed Plumber and Council approval is required prior to commencement of this type of plumbing work.

To submit your development application seeking approval for plumbing works on a property, you will require the following:

  • The current version of Plumbing Form 1 - Permit work application for plumbing, drainage and on-site sewerage work and a Form 7 - Notification of responsible person -  completed in full to apply for a Compliance Permit for Plumbing Works on the relevant property;
  • Payment of the Plumbing Works Application Fee in accordance with Council's current Register of Cost Recovery Fees and Charges;
  • A Site Plan of the property illustrating the location of the proposed drainage works on the property and the location of Council's sewer network and sewer jump-up point;
  • A full set of drainage plans showing the proposed drainage/plumbing works with a clear indication of proposed connection(s) to Council's infrastructure services.
  • Floor Plans of any proposed building that is constructed to which the plumbing works relate; and   
  • An On-site Wastewater Design Plan prepared by a Qualified Wastewater Designer where the plumbing works involve an on-site treatment plant (if applicable).

Plumbing Approval Process

A summary of the steps of Council's Plumbing Approval Process is provided below:

Plumbing Approval Process Steps





The plumbing application is lodged with Council, with the relevant fee, Council's Plumbing Inspector will review the application documentation to ensure that all the required information has been submitted.

Determine if Further Information is Required

If as a result of the review, additional information is required, Council 's Plumbing Inspector may issue an Information Request seeking additional information from the applicant.

If an information request is issued, the assessment process for the application will not proceed until the required additional documentation has been provided to Council.


Once all the necessary information is received for the application, Council's Plumbing Inspector will assess the application, the hydraulic plans, specifications and any other supporting documentation.


Once the assessment of the application is complete, Council's Plumbing Inspector will issue a Compliance Permit to commence works.


Council's Plumbing Inspector will then inspect the required stages of work once completed by the Licensed Plumber, to ensure that it complies with the approval and the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018. A Compliance Certificate will be issued once works are complete and compliant.

For further information regarding the information required for the specific type of plumbing application and the process, timing and cost of obtaining a Plumbing Approval from Council, please contact Council's Plumbing and Building Department.