Dalby Events Centre and Dalby Showgrounds

COVID-19 State Government Regulation – Facilities

As border restrictions ease, the Queensland Government expect to see more cases of COVID-19 circulate in our community. The Queensland State Government have legislated some restrictions for unvaccinated people to manage this. These measures have been developed to help reduce the demand on the hospital system in the event of anticipated outbreaks.

The below facilities have been identified as restricted venues under these new State Government laws. Accordingly, limitations will apply when hiring these facilities.

Spelling of stock at showgrounds

Camping at showgrounds is restricted to fully vaccinated persons travelling with stock.

In line with the Queensland State Government mandate, 17th December 2021, Western Downs Regional Council permit only those travelling with animals that require resting to enter.

For those travelling with stock without proof of COVID vaccination or valid exemption, alternative resting facility is located at Dalby Regional Saleyards, Yumborra Road Dalby.

For questions or check in information, please contact 1300 COUNCIL. If you are contacting Council outside of trading hours (8am – 5pm), please dial 0 to be transferred to our after hours service.



Dalby Showgrounds – 7 Wilkes Street
Dalby Events Centre – 54 Nicholson Street
(with parking via Wilkes Street)
Dalby QLD 4405


Dalby Showgrounds

Dalby Showgrounds PIC – QADB0072

Enquiries for the Dalby Events Centre and Dalby Showgrounds can be made by contacting Council’s Facilities Team.

Phone: 1300 COUNCIL or interstate (07) 4679 4000
Email: Facilities.wdrc@wdrc.qld.gov.au

Booking Forms

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Fees & Charges

Civic Centre Fees and Charges 22/23

Dalby Events Centre NFP Fees & Charges 20/21    |    Dalby Events Centre Fees & Charges 20/21

Dalby Showgrounds NFP Fees & Charges 20/21    |     Dalby Showgrounds Fees & Charges 20/21

Dalby Events Centre

The Dalby Events Centre is Dalby’s unapparelled fully self-contained Event Complex.

Located just a 3 minute drive from the centre of town, The Dalby Events Centre has recently undergone major refurbishments to bring Dalby to the forefront of Venues & Events in Queensland.

The Dalby Events Centre is a multipurpose venue suitable for a variety of events.

Boasting industry leading and fully integrated audio, visual and lighting systems, The Dalby Events Centre has what you need to host your next conference, networking event or wedding.

Dalby Events Centre Floor Plan

​The Knowles Pavilion

The Charles George Knowles Pavilion was opened by the Governor of Queensland, Sir Leslie Wilson, 30 April 1939. Mr Knowles (1876 – 1950), as an influential member of the Dalby community, is remembered for his personal and financial contribution to the town.

A successful businessman, he was one of the founders of the Downs Timber Company Ltd. in 1912. With this industrial business and his own hardware and paint store, Mr Knowles supported the employment of many in the area. Mr Knowles was an alderman on the Town Council, and was respected within the town for the encouragement he provided as a member and president of local sporting clubs, the town band and the Dalby Show Society.

Since the opening of the Knowles Pavilion and the centre’s first major upgrade in 1977 the facility has been the venue to a variety of community events. With the 2018 upgrade, this much-loved facility will continue to home Mr Knowles’ legacy of community spirit and town pride for the Dalby District.

Dalby Events Centre Front Entrance

Dalby Events Centre – Main Hall (The Knowles Room)


Commercial Kitchen – Large hot plate, commercial 8 burner gas stove, two deep fryers, lots of food preparation bench space, commercial dishwasher, sinks, 2 hand washing sinks fixed bain-marie with built in plate warmer, four door fridge and upright freezer, food warmer and service bench heat lights. Service crockery, cutlery and glassware are available for use when hiring the Event Centre.

Bar – The bar area offers two serving locations one onto the verandah and the other into the main hall. It consists of a large walk in cold room, glass dishwasher, two sinks and two large ice tubs.

Amenities – Two disabled toilets, male and female toilets and parent’s room fitted with a changing area and sink.

Dalby Events Centre – Kitchen

Dalby Events Centre – Main Bar

Parking Facilities – There is a large carpark located to the left of the Events Centre for use by both the Event Centre & Showgrounds events.

As a bonus for the Events Centre there are 1 Wheelchair & 17 Traditional Parking spaces positioned along the right of the Events Centre for use exclusive use.

Tables/Seating – There are 44 rectangle plastic moulded tables (Seats 6-8 people, 2400mm x 900mm), 65 round tables (Seats 6-8 people) and 420 black plastic chairs available for use inside the Event Centre

Audio/Visual – The Event Centre’s audio-visual and technical capabilities are state-of-the-art and are flexible enough to meet the demands of a variety of events and formats. There are two projectors and screens that drop down along the front of the hall as well as 2 additional screens located further back in the room to ensure all guests have a clear view of your projections. Multiple control positions are available in the Main Room and Deck areas should AV operators need to interact with the live environment. The Event centre also offers interactive stage and atmosphere lighting that can be adjusted to almost any colour and intensity.

Verandahs/Decks – The Event Complex offers an option to hire only the deck area with amenities or the entire venue, helping you find the space suitable for your event. The Deck space is the perfect location for more intimate gatherings, pre event drinks or a dance floor, the options are endless.

Dalby Events Centre – Side Verandah

Dalby Events Centre – The Knowles Room

Dalby Events Centre Seating Plans: 

Seating Layout  |  Function Layout  |  Conference Layout  |  Wedding Layout  |  Rectangular Seating Wedding Layout  |  Circular Seating Wedding Layout  |  Exhibition Layout

Dalby Showgrounds

Dalby Showgrounds Site Map

Important Information

The Dalby Showgrounds is a designated Emergency Evacuation Centre which may be activated without notice. During an emergency, the following key areas of the site are most likely to be utilised during an emergency:

  • Amenity blocks – depending upon the scale of the emergency additional showers will be provided;
  • Camp ground & open areas – used for caravan/tents;
  • Bitumen car park – parking for private vehicles, caravans & other heavy vehicles;
  • Covered arena – toilets opened for use with the office/function area to be used as an emergency goods storeroom;
  • Pavilion – can accommodate approximately 300 persons;
  • Stables and cattle yards – used for various pets; and
  • Several points of entry to the Showgrounds.


Dalby Showgrounds does not allow onsite camping/caravans unless part of an organised event or travelling with livestock. However, Dalby has two caravan parks:

  • Dalby Tourist Park – 07 4662 4793
  • Pioneer Caravan Park – 07 4662 1811

Covered Arena

The covered arena and buildings can be hired as a whole or individually to suit your needs.


  • Two canteen style servery windows and two commercial glass door fridges
  • Sink, bench, ice buckets and water available
  • Ceiling fans

Indoor Arena

  • Power and water available
  • Fully fenced with removable panels
  • Large indoor arena measuring 66m x 40m
  • Overhead lighting
  • Ability to open up to main show ring for additional events
Mezzanine Area

  • Large open area located on top of the Covered Arena buildings

  • Separate female/male toilets with disable access
Meeting Room/Office

  • Ceiling fans, bench, fridges, tables and chairs
  • Sink with hot water available
  • Large meeting room
  • Eight canteen style windows accessing all sides
  • Access to water and power

  • Twelve large relocatable grandstands which approximately seat 70 people each




Show Ring

  • Large arena with a reasonably hard surface extending from the indoor arena
  • Multiple access points
  • Deep sand portion extending from the campdraft and cattle yards
  • Power and lights are available
  • Fully fenced

Cattle Yards

  • Livestock loading ramp
  • Power and lights are available
  • Several separate yards and draft yards with access to two water troughs
  • Officials stand for equestrian events
  • A camp with direct access to the show ring

Sheep Dog Ring

  • There are no lights for night riding
  • Large arena covered with grass
  • Large grandstand facing the ring
  • Small sheep yards and pens at rear of ring
  • Adjacent grassed area 3 with power for camping


Knox Pavilion

This recently upgraded building has a large open floor plan shed with multiple entry points. This building offers unlimited hiring potential:

  • Additional stables
  • Barn dances
  • Show & trade displays
  • Award ceremonies etc.

Grassed Areas

There are five grassed areas for a variety of events. Lighting, access to power and water points are offered in these areas. Grassed area 5 is commonly known as side show alley.

Grassed Area 5 (Side Show Alley)

Grassed Area 1

Parking Facilities

A bitumen car park is located adjacent to the pavilion with secure access to the showgrounds (can be hired for individual events).


Two sets of male/female toilets and shower facilities are located at the rear of the facility near the stables.

Additional Resources

  • Approximately 137 cattle panels and pins for temporary fencing
  • Three relocatable announcer’s boxes
  • Two entry booths along Nicholson Street
  • Kiosk (canteen)
  • Six wash bays


When hiring the stables, you are required to remove all traces of manure and feed from the stall and place in the marked manure points.

  • 164 Stables in total 40 Stallion stalls
  • 124 Stalls that are varied in design
  • Hoop pine saw dust is provided for the stalls bedding
  • Manure stations
  • Lights and power are available

Download Dalby Showgrounds Stable Layout

Stallion Stalls

Stallion Stalls Internal View

Stalls C and D

Stalls A and B

Stalls E and F