Dalby Water Project

Dalby Water Project 1.JPG

Western Downs Regional Council is delivering a comprehensive strategy to increase the potable water supply for Dalby.

This project is about enhancing quality essential services for the region and catering to continued economic growth. Dalby's town water supply has traditionally relied on groundwater extracted from the Condamine Alluvium due to the low reliability of surface water from Loudoun Weir. 

Ongoing strain caused by weather patterns combined with a fast-growing economy has prompted Council to consider how to ensure the long-term sustainability of water supply.

This is a major upgrade program with works to be delivered over several years. Once complete, it's expected the project will create an additional 2.2 megalitres of water for Dalby per day.

Key Features

  • Delivery of a second Precipice bore (Bore 17)
  • Delivery of shallower Hutton bore (Bore 18)
  • New Precipice bore raw water pipeline
  • New water treatment plant
  • New evaporation ponds
  • New three megalitre water reservoir
  • Replacement of existing treated water pipeline

Project status: Works underway

Progress Updates:

  • Bore drilling works underway
  • Precipice bore and treated water pipeline underway