Animal Control

Council’s Local Law and Policies require that: The owner or keeper of a dog who keeps such dog on any premises which are not securely fenced or enclosed shall prevent such dog from wandering at large by means of securely tying or leashing the dog. Failing to prevent your dog being at large in a public place, not on a leash and/or the animal not being registered may result in an infringement notice being issued.


Impounded cats and dogs will be held at the Pound for a minimum of three working days for unregistered animals, and five working days for registered animals. If not collected by their owners during this time, animals will be available for adoption to new homes. Fees apply for the release of impounded dogs. Charges are significantly higher if the dog is unregistered.

Sadly, a large number of animals that go to the pound do not get claimed by their owner. If you lose your cat or dog, contact Council as soon as possible.

Animals are able to be collected by appointment from the pound between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday (excl. public holidays). Contact your local Customer Service Centre on 1300 268 624 to arrange the release of an animal.


Approved Inspection Program – Animal Management

Council conducts an approved inspection program for animal management in all Western Downs towns.

The program is conducted under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 and aims to monitor compliance by checking:

  • Dog registrations;
  • Compliance with permit conditions related to the keeping of regulated dogs.

All residential, multiple occupancy, rural residential and small town properties across the region will be systematically checked for compliance.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions about the program.


Queensland Dog Breeder Register

The Queensland Government has introduced new laws that will promote the responsible breeding of dogs.

The laws require all persons giving away, supplying, selling, or advertising dogs or puppies to have a unique identifying number (Supply Number) that identifies the registered breeder of that dog. The laws apply only to dogs born on or after 26 May 2017. Dogs born before this date are not impacted.

Any person with a female dog with a litter is a breeder. The laws apply to people who are professional breeders, occasional breeders, and to people who are not making money from the dogs or puppies supplied. The laws apply to occasional, accidental or planned litters.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Queensland Dog Breeder Register

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