Domestic & Family Violence Prevention Month

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Western Downs Regional Council is proud to support the Queensland Government to continue raising community awareness of domestic and family violence, and to send a clear message that domestic and family violence in families and homes will not be tolerated.

Each year in Queensland, the month of May is dedicated to Domestic and Family Violence PreventionThis year's theme is ‘It’s in our control to end coercive control’, and the Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Council has an important message to share: Love ≠ Control (Love does not equal control).

What is domestic and family violence and coercive control?

Domestic and family violence is not about conflict – it’s about power and control.

In a healthy relationship, there is an equal balance of power between partners, and both partners feel free to state their opinions and make their own decisions.

Domestic and family violence is not always physical violence, and it can take many forms including coercive control.

Coercive control is a pattern of behaviour, which can be both physical and non-physical, perpetrated against a person to create an environment of fear, isolation, intimidation and humiliation. And it can lead to homicide.

It might make you feel unsafe, scared, threatened, or like you are walking on eggshells.

Over time, this behaviour can have a devastating impact on your independence, personal wellbeing and safety.

All forms of abuse are serious and never acceptable.

It’s not always easy to tell if a new relationship will become controlling and abusive as warning signs don’t always appear immediately and may emerge and intensify over time as the relationship grows.

However, there can be some early warning signs.

Do you know the signs of coercive control?

Visit to watch survivor stories and find out how you can get help.

Hear from Western Downs Mayor Paul McVeigh

The Love ≠ Control storytelling initiative profiles ten Queenslanders who share their personal experience as survivors of domestic and family violence and coercive control, and how they accessed help and support to safely leave abusive relationships.

Watch their powerful stories on Queensland Government's Love ≠ Control webpage and please share our messages to play your part in raising awareness to help eradicate all forms of domestic and family violence.

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More information is available on our website:

Download a fact sheet here.(PDF, 380KB)