Supplier Portal


Western Downs Regional Council will soon introduce a brand-new Supplier Portal (the Portal) to improve the way we communicate and procure with Suppliers.

To support local jobs, communities and regional economies, the Portal will assist Council officers to communicate effectively with Suppliers and invite, manage and document the procurement process to deliver a variety of goods, services and works.

To take advantage of the opportunities that the portal presents, Suppliers must be registered.

It's entirely free for Suppliers and, once registered, Suppliers can self-manage procurement processes with Council buyers in one central location. 

This new portal will be available to register in 2024.

Direct opportunities

Council will use the portal to communicate expressions of interest (EOIs), request for quote (RFQ), request for proposal (RFP) and request for tenders (RFT) and other opportunities to the market, and to manage the procurement process through to the contract award stage. 


For general contract and tender enquiries please contact Council's Procurement Officers.

The Supplier Portal includes access to Council's direct Tendering Portal - Tenders.Net, for queries relating to a specific tender's currently open to market.


How can I get more information about the Supplier Portal (the Portal)? 

For more information on the Portal email Council’s Procurement team.  

What if a supplier is an existing supplier on an established arrangement on Local Buy (VendorPanel), does that business/supplier still need to register? 

Yes. The Portal is internally managed by Council and is different to Local Buy (VendorPanel).

The Portal will be used for quotations sought from suppliers where goods and/or services are not able to be sourced from an externally managed arrangement. 

Why has Council decided to invest in the Portal? 

The Portal offers Council and suppliers a standardised platform to seek and respond to quotations. 

The Portal also offers suppliers the opportunity to self-manage their information and qualifications (permits, licencing, insurances) up to date. Self-managed portals allow suppliers the opportunity to keep their information up to date and removes the requirement to request compliance documentation during an out to market approach. This streamlines and simplifies the process for both Supplier and Council.

The Portal also provides the platform to enable the management of contracts, orders, claims, transactions, and e-lodgement (tender box) for Council's approaches to the market.  

What does this mean for local businesses and suppliers? 

The first phase of the Portal will be via invitation to our existing Suppliers.

The second phase of the Portal will be open to the public market place for local Suppliers that are not under existing contracts or other arrangements with Council. This will make local businesses more visible to Council officers, this includes but is not limited to promoting products, services and displaying compliance (permits, licencing, insurances) information.

Council encourages local suppliers to follow Council social media and Council websites to ensure they can register their business details in the Portal when it is open to the public marketplace. 

Council purchasing officers will then have immediate access to a wide range of suppliers to approach for quotations on upcoming work. When Council has the need for any products or services, officers will be able to search, nominate and invite local suppliers registered in the Portal. 

What are the key features and benefits for Businesses and Suppliers? 

Registering for the Portal is completely free for suppliers. It means receiving timely invitations to quote from Council and being able to submit quotes quickly and easily from one place. 

The Supplier Portal is easy to navigate.

No pre-qualification is necessary for suppliers to register in the Supplier Portal. 

Suppliers will be more visible and accessible to Council purchasing officers. 

Suppliers will not have to spend as much time quoting. 

It will be easier for suppliers to respond to a Council request for a quote. 

It is important to note that registering in the Supplier Portal does not provide a guarantee of securing work with Council. 

What are the key features and benefits for Council?  

Western Downs region is diverse and stands at the forefront of the changing world. To support a strong diverse economy and sustainable organisation, the Portal enables Council to have a better oversight of purchasing activity and engagement with suppliers across all divisions within Council. 

Understanding Council's purchasing activity allows for better decision making and further supporting communities in years to come.