Paths & Nature Strips

New footpath


Council maintains footpaths through the region.

Trees and the footpath

Trees growing on private property which over hang the footpath can be a safety hazard for pedestrians. 

Report a footpath issue

If you have noticed a damaged or missing footpath, pothole or trip hazard, you can let us know by completing a customer request on our website or by contacting Council on 1300 COUNCIL (1300 268 624). 

Nature strips

Nature strips are part of Western Downs Region environment. They complement the neighbourhood’s natural setting and are public land, not part of a residential property. 

Looking after your nature strip 

It is accepted practice that residents maintain the nature strip(s) abutting their property as an extension of their garden. 

Storing materials or parking on the nature strip 

Storing any type of vehicle or trailer or building materials on nature strips is not allowed without a permit.  

Landscaping or planting on your nature strip or roadside 

If you want to landscape or plant on your nature strip or roadside, please contact Council to discuss your plans. 

Removing vegetation from your roadside 

If you want to remove any vegetation from your nature strip, you may need to apply for a permit depending on the type of vegetation you wish to remove. Please contact Council to discuss your plans.