Dalby Cultural Centre

  • Project typeCultural Centre
  • Project scheduleConcept Design Development

Western Downs Regional Council is developing a new cultural centre to shape Dalby's identity, build vibrant new arts and culture opportunities, and offer an iconic destination for residents and visitors. 

The vision for the new cultural centre will be shaped by comprehensive community feedback collated over a 12-month period. 

This project offers the opportunity to create something entirely new for the region, supported by the community's vision for an iconic landmark which is community-focused, designed for all ages and abilities, and expands opportunities for people to learn, create, discover new ideas, and be inspired.

Project Status: Concept Design Phase 

September 2023 

  • Council has approved Thomas Jack Park as the preferred location for the new cultural centre 
  • Council has also voted to retain the nature of Thomas Jack Park as a community parkland with the concept designs and any future master planning of the site.

With the help of renowned architects and urban designers, Council will now begin to develop concept plans. During the concept planning phase Council will consider:

  • all community feedback
  • insights gained through the Community Advisory Panel
  • other design criteria
  • site feasibility and costs

The concept design phase will be completed mid-2024.