Housing and Land Incentive

Dalby CBD Concept Site 2

Western Downs Regional Council has recently increased its Housing and Land Incentive to $5 million. Designed to encourage residents and developers with a vision to construct units or subdivide land to bring their projects to reality, this great incentive is intended to stimulate construction by offering generous application fee discounts and discounted infrastructure charges to approved developments across the region.

The Housing and Land Incentive is part of Council's vision to make developing and subdividing in key areas across the Western Downs region more attractive.

Development Types: Multiple Dwellings, Retirement Facilities, Dual Occupancy (duplex), Subdivisions
Expanded Eligibility: Transportable Homes, Flood Hazard categories
100% Discount: Application Fees (Material Change of Use, Reconfiguring a Lot), Flood Impact Assessment, Infrastructure Charges
50% Discount: Building Approvals

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Applications must:

Looking for inspiration?

In an effort to increase housing stock for rent and sale, and in particular, improve the diversity of housing across the region, Council has released the Dalby CBD Development Investment Prospectus (below). The concepts in this prospectus are designed to provide realistic, application-ready examples of how the Housing and Land Incentive could be applied and showcase different types of developments that our community needs. These concepts are not prescriptive and could be adapted to suit different applications or locations within Dalby.


Have a question?

We're here to help, and we'd love to hear from you if you have a housing and land development proposal. If you have a question about this incentive, contact Council by phoning 1300 COUNCIL (268 624) or submitting an enquiry here.