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Western Downs has Queensland’s lowest unemployment rate

28 August 2015

The Western Downs’ unemployment rate of 3.4% in July is the lowest in Queensland and demonstrates the strength of the regional economy and our bright future for business investment and growth.

Mayor Ray Brown said he welcomed the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) data as it indicates that our communities are still on the move.

“The Western Downs is at the heart of the ABS’ Darling Downs-Maranoa Region, which in July had an unemployment rate of 3.4%, meaning we’re streets ahead of regions like Toowoomba and Brisbane’s Inner City which are sitting at 5.5%, and almost half the state-wide average of 6.5%,” he said.

“Although our regional economy has recently experienced some turbulence as the energy sector moves from the peak of construction activity to ongoing production operations, our communities and businesses should be excited as this data shows that our regional economy is resilient and diverse. Indeed, industries like manufacturing and professional services are experiencing significant growth and have a strong outlook.

“With annual economic growth of 8.3%, compared to Queensland’s 2.3%, and low unemployment, the Western Downs continues to buck the trend of rural decline and is leading the state as one of the best regions to invest in.

“So let’s get together as communities and businesses and take advantage of our robust local economy by looking to actively bring investment opportunities to our region.”

For more information about the Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force data, please visit the Department of Employment’s website.

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