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Western Downs comes together to be waterwise

Council is calling on residents to rethink their daily water usage as it continues to manage water supply responsibly in the region.

Currently in Dalby during peak usage times, the community is using more water than Council is able to sustainably supply.

Western Downs Regional Council Mayor Paul McVeigh said while Council had effective plans in place to ensure continued water supply to all towns, it’s vitally important the community is doing its bit to conserve water.

“As a region, we are in an advantageous position because we have the capability to use bore water and process it through our desalination plant for consumption, however we need to ensure we are managing water supply responsibly for the benefit of our region’s future,” Cr McVeigh said.

“We are finding our highest water usage is occurring on weekends, and we are encouraging residents to have a think about how they’re using water around the home and how they could potentially save more water as part of their daily routine.

“Conserving water is everyone’s responsibility, and Council is also doing its part by reducing outdoor watering operations and using alternative sources such as recycled wastewater where possible.

“The alternative sources are being used for new plantings and vegetation, ensuring we maintain our open spaces to a suitable standard for the benefit of the communities.

“I also encourage residents to report any sign of water leaks in our public areas and facilities by contacting Council on 1300 268 624 so the matter can be investigated.”

Revised water restrictions are now in place throughout the Western Downs Region and Council has increased patrols to ensure all residents are adhering to their local restriction level.

Currently in Dalby, there is a ‘Conservation’ water restriction level in place, which means residents should be using no more than 300 litres per person, per day. It also means outdoor watering is restricted to between 6am and 9am and 4pm and 7pm on the household’s designated watering days.

As of Sunday, 1 December, Condamine will also move to an ‘Emergency’ restriction level which means people should only be using 180 litres per person, per day – and only buckets may be used on watering days.

Residents are encouraged to visit Council’s website via to learn more about how water restrictions affect them and are also encouraged to follow Council’s Facebook for the latest information, tips and hints for saving water.

As of midnight Sunday, 1 December, Council’s Water Restrictions will apply as follows:

• Brigalow
• Dulacca
• Jimbour
• Kogan
• Meandarra
• Miles
• Moonie
• The Gums
• Wandoan
• Warra
• Westmar
• Bell
• Chinchilla
• Dalby
• Flinton
• Glenmorgan
• Jandowae
• Tara
• Kaimkillenbun
• Condamine


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