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Untreated groundwater supply enables water restrictions to be lifted in Tara

12 October 2015

Tara’s water supply will be switched to untreated groundwater enabling water restrictions to be lifted to Level 3 at midnight, Sunday 18 October.

Western Downs Regional Council Spokesperson for Utilities – Water, Wastewater and Gas Councillor George Moore said as continued operational testing of the water treatment plant continues, groundwater will be directly supplied to the Tara township.

“The Tara lagoon is severely stressed and in order to facilitate the extended operational testing of the new reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plant, the groundwater supply that is currently being partly treated by the plant will instead be directly supplied to residents,” he said.

“So whilst water restrictions are being relaxed to Level 3, Council advises that this is because the water does not meet the potable drinking water standards and users are reminded that the Tara system is not a potable water supply.”

Cr Moore said extended testing is needed to ensure the water treatment plant will be able to operate efficiently and at full capacity.

“Council did conduct preliminary trials of the groundwater at Tara as part of designing and building the new reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plant. However, after completing early operational testing, it is clear that the groundwater is of a much lower quality than original testing indicated,” he said.

“This means that further detailed investigations are needed and could take some time to complete as we find an economical solution that will enable Tara’s new water treatment plant to efficiently treat groundwater and so provide a safe and robust supply of water to the township of Tara well into the future.”

Adherence to Council’s Water Restriction Policy will be monitored by Council officers during regular patrols. The conditions for non-residential users on water restrictions may vary and more information about this, and permitted activities for each restriction level, are available on Council’s Water Restrictions page, or by calling 1300 COUNCIL.

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