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Tara water supply update

24 February 2016

Following recent media attention in relation to the Tara water supply, Western Downs Regional Council reassures residents that it is working hard to resolve the complex and multifaceted issues surrounding the town’s water supply.

Thorough investigations are continuing, involving remedial works and the extended testing of the new Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Treatment Plant that will provide the township with a clean safe reliable supply of water into the future.

  • The Tara township is currently connected to one of the two available bores which is providing water to the township and allowing the pilot testing of the RO plant to continue;
  • Recent remedial works on this bore, located at the Treatment Plant, have removed blockages and resulted in higher flows that has improved the quality of the water supplied;
  • The bore located near the swimming pool is currently off-line as it requires a full length survey to determine its condition and the most cost-effective and sustainable solution;
  • Council is currently liaising with suppliers to survey the bore, and it is expected that Council will be in a position to determine the best outcome and commence remedial works within the next four weeks;
  • Within six months Council aims to have both bores supplying a reliable source of clean safe water to the township of Tara well into the future.

Western Downs Regional Council Spokesperson for Utilities – Water, Wastewater and Gas Councillor George Moore thanked the Tara community for their patience as Council is working hard to supply the town with a reliable source of water.

“Blockages have been removed from the secondary bore allowing it to operate at a higher flow, which in turn is providing better quality water as well as allowing pilot testing at the RO plant to continue,” he said.

Cr Moore said the findings from the survey of the existing bore will provide Council a recommendation on whether the bore will need to be re-lined or re-drilled.

“Once the appropriate solution is determined and the remedial works are completed, the water will undergo testing through the water treatment plant again,” he said.

“It remains Council’s priority to have this work undertaken within the next three months and we’re aiming to have both bores back to being fully operational within the next six months.”