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Now’s the time to get ready for the hot, dry summer

16 November 2015

As our communities continue to recover from recent weather events, Western Downs Regional Council is encouraging residents to ‘get ready’ for fire, storm, flood, and heatwaves by taking the time now to prepare their households for the season ahead.

  • This summer’s forecast is for ‘a typical seasonal outlook for Queensland’ with hotter and drier than average conditions and a heightened bushfire risk;
  • A typical Queensland summer means that severe weather events can happen, as we’ve already experienced;
  • Residents are encouraged to ‘get ready’ by organising their Emergency Kit and Plan now so as to improve their preparedness for any emergency or disaster situation that may occur.

Mayor Ray Brown said even with the prediction of a typical summer season for Queensland, residents should avoid being complacent when it comes to severe weather risks.

“If you haven’t already, now’s the time to prepare you and your family for any emergency or natural disaster, as we have already seen that even with the forecast of ‘a typical seasonal outlook for Queensland’, fire, storm, and heatwaves are a very real risk for our communities,” he said.

“We encourage you to take a few simple steps to help your household prepare, survive, and cope with emergencies by: ensuring you have an Emergency Plan and Evacuation Kit in place; cleaning up your yard and roof gutters; checking your roof and skylights; and subscribing to Council’s email and SMS Emergency Alerts via our website.”

For more information on how you can ‘get ready’ for flood, fire, storm and heatwave, and how to subscribe to Council’s email and SMS Emergency Alerts visit the Disaster Management webpage or call 1300 COUNCIL.

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