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Low rainfall forces tighter water restrictions

17 August 2015

With the lagoon level continuing to fall due to very low winter rainfall, Tara moved to Level 5 water restrictions at midnight, Sunday 16 August.

Western Downs Regional Council Spokesperson for Utilities – Water, Wastewater and Gas Councillor George Moore said the implementation of Level 5 water restrictions in Tara is a result of water supply levels dropping to below trigger levels.

“This winter Tara has received minimal rainfall and unless we receive a reasonable amount of rain to top up the lagoon over the next couple of months leading into the warmer months, then we may continue to move to even tougher water restrictions during spring,” he said.

“It’s always tempting as we begin to move into spring and summer to become more relaxed about water restrictions, but I urge residents to maintain responsible water usage throughout the region during this spell of dry weather.

“Tara residents, please be mindful that under Level 5 restrictions only bucket watering will apply outdoors during designated watering times, and that there continues to be a total ban on all outside water use on Mondays.”

Cr Moore said residents in Tara can look forward to a more reliable supply of potable water once the new Tara water treatment plant becomes fully operational.

“The completion of the construction phase of the multi-million dollar reverse osmosis (RO) Tara water treatment plant has seen the delivery of more robust utilities infrastructure for the township. Once the plant is working at its full capacity, residents will experience a higher quality drinking water that meets potable standards,” he said.

“The plant is still in early testing phases as Council completes the necessary checks and balances to ensure the plant can work at maximum capacity before making it fully operational.

“In the past Tara would have been in trouble with the lagoon supply at its current level. However the new plant means that the town is not solely reliant on surface water to supply high quality water for the town which I am sure provides comfort to everyone.

“However the community needs to be aware that there is a limit to the capacity of the new plant and in times of low surface water supply, the town usage needs to be lowered significantly. With that in mind I strongly urge residents to abide by the Level 5 water restrictions that have come into place.”

Conditions for non-residential users may vary and more information on non-residential water restrictions is available on Council’s website.

Adherence to Council’s Water Restriction Policy will be monitored by Council officers during regular patrols.

For more information on permitted activities under each restriction level visit Council’s Water Restrictions webpage or call 1300 COUNCIL.

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