Railways in Western Downs

Dalby is located on the main western line from Brisbane, with branch lines linking Dalby to country areas. The station is also a centre for QLink’s freight service. The Westlander is the main passenger rail service connecting Dalby to the west.

The rail network is used for the delivery of bulk grain shipments from silos and depots in the area. Containerised cargo is also shipped from Dalby’s loading terminal to the Port of Brisbane.

Coal shipments regularly run from nearby Kogan Creek mine through Dalby on route to the Swanbank Power Station.

A rail line from Meandarra to Dalby is used for transporting of grain. From Dalby, this line links with the other rail networks.

The stock train from Quilpie is still running, which would normally go through Miles on a Monday and is on an as-required basis.

Queensland Rail has a passenger service – the Westlander which travels from Brisbane to Charleville twice weekly, stopping in Dalby, Chinchilla and Miles on Wednesdays and Fridays. More information is available at the Queensland Rail website.

There is a COALRail Project called Surat Basin Rail – Southern Missing Link which involves a proposed 207km new railway connecting the Western Railway System near Wandoan with the Moura Railway System near Banana.

Once this is completed, it will open up an estimated four billion tonnes of thermal coal in the Surat Basin for development and export. The link is a joint venture between QR, Xstrata Coal and the Australian Transport and Energy Corridor Pty Ltd. Information is available at the Surat Basin Rail website.