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How to use the Waste and Recycling Centre

How to sort waste for a trip to a waste disposal facility

Will I have to pay to dump my domestic waste?

No, there are no fees for general domestic waste. However, there will be a fee should you wish to dispose of construction and demolition waste or concrete.

How do I sort and segregate my load?

Before you start loading your waste, separate the recyclable waste items from the general waste and place all waste material into piles depending on type.

Place all general waste, destined for landfill, at the rear of your load as you will drop this off last.

Stack piles of greenwaste, timber, soil, concrete around the sides and middle and place any scrap metal and flattened cardboard on the top.

Remember any cooking or motor oil should be transported in a sealed container to prevent leakage.

Items suitable for reuse or recycling at The Recycling Market should be stacked at the front of the load.

It is also essential to remember to secure your load by tying it down with a rope or straps or covering with a net or tarpaulin to prevent litter or potential road accidents.


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