Landfill Closures

Dalby, Chinchilla and Miles Landfills

The landfills at Dalby, Chinchilla and Miles have now closed.

Loads of waste up to 15m3 can be taken to the Dalby, Chinchilla or Miles Waste and Recycling Centres with larger loads generally taken directly to the Winfields Road Waste Management Centre at Jandowae.


Macalister Waste Landfill Closure

Why is this waste facility closing?

Macalister Landfill has reached its capacity and is now closed. No further waste will be received at this site.

This style of landfill is no longer environmentally acceptable and as part of Council’s ‘Towards a Waste Wise Western Downs’ strategy it is our aim to leave the region in a better place for the next generation.

Council takes its responsibility as custodians of our region very seriously, and believe that together with our residents we all have a role to play as environmental leaders to dispose of waste respectfully and lawfully.

Where am I supposed to go now?

Your options include:

  • Dalby Waste & Recycling Centre – Warrego Highway, Dalby (7km west of Dalby and only 18km east of Macalister)
  • Warra Landfill – Warrego Highway, Warra (20 km west of Macalister)
  • Roadside collection may also be an option for some people. If you are on the existing route of the current waste collection contractor, you can make arrangements for a wheelie bin service. There is a fee for this service that can be added to your rates bill. Contact 1300 COUNCIL to find out if you are eligible for this option.
  • Skip bins are another potential solution for community groups and rural property owners. To organise a skip bin you’ll need to make commercial arrangements with waste transporter companies, several of which operate in the area.


Yamsion, Cooranga North and 21 Mile Waste Landfills Closure

Rubbish landfills in the districts of Yamsion, Cooranga North and 21 Mile have reached their full capacity and are now closed.

No further loads of waste will be accepted at these landfills.

Over the past few years, Council has been working on an ambitious strategy called ‘Towards a Waste Wise Western Downs’. This strategy includes a move towards increased recycling and reuse of waste, offering improved wheelie bin services, better education for our residents on recycling and waste management, and better management of our landfills and recycling facilities.

Landfills at Yamsion, Cooranga North and 21 Mile were problematic for quite some time. They are full and there is no room to expand them or funding to cover the enormous costs to get these sites up to standard within new strict state laws on waste management. These sites were often illegally lit creating a fire hazard, and became a haven for feral animals.

Waste pile wdrc-282-8274

By closing these facilities, Council continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing high quality, supervised waste and recycling centres spread strategically across the region. This means the majority of residents will only have to travel up to 25 kilometres to experience a first-class waste centre.

A complete list of waste disposal facilities in the Western Downs Region include… 

Other waste disposal options may include:

Closed landfill sites will undergo a long-term rehabilitation program so that the sites will be improved aesthetically and be environmentally safe.

There will be regular monitoring of the sites to ensure that no illegal dumping occurs.


Alternative Site Recycling Opportunities


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