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Western Downs Road Safety Alliance

In October 2014, the Western Downs Road Safety Alliance (WDRSA) formed with the aim of improving community road safety in the region.

The group, which was formed with the assistance of QGC, consists of key government agencies including Council as the lead agency, in collaboration with Queensland Police Service (QPS) and Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

Did you know?
In 2014, of the 182 traffic crashes in the Western Downs,
87 resulted in injury and five in fatalities

Data shows that the Western Downs is over-represented in injury crashes with a rate of 47.8 per cent, Slow Down sticker no backgroundcompared with 36.3 per cent in the wider Southern Queensland region.

This over representation is attributed to several factors including failing to give way, driving without due care and attention, speeding, and kangaroos.

Local knowledge and QPS intelligence have also shown speeding and inattention due to mobile phone use as significant contributing factors in injury crashes in the region.

With these factors in mind, the Western Downs Road Safety Alliance’s first road safety initiative ‘Slow Down – Our Kids, Our Community’ aims to increase awareness about the dangers of speeding.

Current Campaign

The WDRSA debut road safety campaign ‘Slow Down – Our Kids, Our Community’ was launched on Friday 29 May 2015, coinciding with Fatality Free Friday. This campaign was made possible due to the assistance and $40,000 contribution by QGC, along with the continued support of the Queensland Policy Service and the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

As part of the road safety initiative, large wheelie bin stickers reminding passing motorists to moderate their speed in residential areas were distributed to many households across the region.

Get Your Message Out There

Throughout the campaign community members are being called upon to share their safe speedElectronic road sign
messages for display on road-side mobile signage that will be located in key residential hot spots in the Western Downs.

To send in your suggestions, fill in the form below.

Share Your Safe Speed Message

Road side mobile signage will be placed around the Western Downs to share your safe speed messages. Messages are limited to 3 lines, with 12 characters per line. See the example above.

Where Can I Find More Information

For information on road safety, visit the Queensland Police Service website.

For information on community road safety programs, grants, campaigns and driver education, visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.

For information on the Queensland Government’s ‘Join the Drive to Save Lives’ campaign, visit the Join the Drive website.

Read more in the Western Downs Road Safety Alliance Action Plan.