Saving Water

Australians are among the world’s highest domestic consumers of water even though we live on one of the driest continents on earth.

Without changing our lifestyle we can reduce water use by 20%, conserve a resource essential to all life and save money, energy and the environment.

So how can you reduce the amount of water you consume, and save money?

Here we have included lots of helpful hints on ways you can minimise your water usage and maximise your savings.

You may only want to use a few of the tips, or all of them!

Saving Water Inside Your Home

Saving Water Outside Your Home

Water Saving Rebates

For more information on saving water, please contact Council on 1300 268 624.


Do you know how much water you use in ordinary daily activities?

Flushing the toilet (single flush) 12 litres
Taking a bath 50 – 150 litres
Showering 40 – 250 litres
Dishwasher 20 – 50 litres
Washing Machine 40 – 250 litres
Cleaning teeth (with tap running) 5 litres
Cleaning teeth (without tap running) 1 litre
Shaving 8 litres
Drinking, cooking, cleaning 8 litres
Sprinkler (per hour) 1,000 litres
Drip system (per drip per day) 4 litres
Washing car (with running hose) 100 – 300 litres
Hosing driveway 50 – 100 litres
Dripping tap (per day) 30 – 150 litres


How to Estimate your Daily Usage

Using the information below, you can quickly get an idea of how much water your household uses every week.

Product Use Amount Daily Weekly
5 in household 3 uses each 15 uses 105 uses
single flush toilet 12L x 5 = 60L 60 x 3 = 180L 180 x 7 = 1,260L 1,260L
5 in household 1 use each 5 uses 35 uses
shower 145L x 5 = 725 725 x 1 = 725L 725 x 7 = 5,075L 5,075L

use x amount = daily usage x 7 days = weekly usage

You will be surprised to discover just how much water you actually use!