Water Restrictions

Council’s Water Restriction classification system involves three levels: Normal, Conservation and Emergency.

As of midnight Thursday, 25 March 2021, Council’s Water Restrictions will apply as follows:

  • Brigalow, Chinchilla, Condamine, Dalby, Dulacca, Flinton, Glenmorgan, Jandowae, Jimbour, Kogan, Meandarra, Miles, Moonie, Tara, The Gums, Wandoan, Warra, Westmar
  • Bell
  • Kaimkillenbun

Read more in the Public Notice here and read more information about water restriction levels here – Normal Level Restriction Fact Sheet, Conservation Level Restriction Fact Sheet or Emergency Level Restriction Fact Sheet

All consumers connected to a Council Supply are advised that authorised Council officers will be monitoring adherence to the restriction program and all consumers are requested to abide by the restrictions, as failure to do so will incur a fine. The restriction levels adhere to the Water Restriction – Council Policy as adopted by Western Downs Regional Council.

Water Supply Levels

WATER SUPPLY TARGET (Litres per person per day) ACTUAL USAGE
(Litres per person per day)
Bell 300 204 Koondaii  0%
Brigalow 480 119 Weir 100%
Chinchilla 480 369 Weir 100%
Condamine 480 313 Weir 100%
Dalby 480 345 Weir 98%
Jandowae 480 164 Dam 68%
Jimbour 480 68 Bores
Kaimkillenbun 180 45 Bores
Miles 480 411 Weir 91%
Tara 480 209 Lagoon 100%
Wandoan 480 816 Bores
Warra 480 177 Dam 93%
Information updated:  30 July 2021

Water Standpipe Rebate

 Council’s standpipe rebate offers half-priced water for those drought declared. Read more about Water Standpipe Rebates.

Report Water Restriction Breach

To report a water restriction breach please contact Council on 1300 268 624.

Where Water Restrictions are Applicable

Water restrictions are applicable to all properties connected to a Council water supply, including potable (drinking quality) and non-potable (not for drinking) supplies. Council will be enforcing restrictions and non-compliance may result in a fine. Individuals contracted to Council and Council employees have the appropriate authorisation to monitor compliance with water restrictions under the provisions of the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.

Approved Inspection Program – Water Restrictions

Council is conducting a systematic approved inspection program to monitor the compliance of the Water Restrictions – Council Policy and the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008. Property inspections will be carried out by Council’s Authorised Persons.