Flood Mitigation

Regional Flood Mitigation Planning Project – June 2014

Following the adoption of the Draft 2014 Regional Flood Study, Council is moving forward with flood mitigation planning across the region, investigating a range of options that show a high cost-benefit ratio, avoid adverse environmental impacts to provide the greatest improvements to flood resilience and preparedness for the region.

Having invested in best practice flood modelling, we are now armed with the most sophisticated information and science available to inform our flood mitigation investigations.

Council is committed to keeping the community involved and informed throughout this process and hopes to partner with the community to ensure we come up with the best possible solution for the region and to secure the necessary government funding to enable us to deliver the mitigations.

We will be seeking community input and ideas on proposed mitigation options via information sessions and briefings, using a variety of feedback mechanisms, including feedback forms, 1300 phone line and email.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Regional Flood Mitigation Planning Project