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Cemetery Tribute Strategy Clean Up

Cemeteries Tribute Strategy

Western Downs Regional Council is proud to provide a beautiful place of remembrance at each of our cemeteries. To ensure that the environment at each of our cemeteries is kept safe and tidy Council will be conducting regional clean-ups by removing any prohibited and unsafe items from the cemetery gravesites.

The clean-ups will occur every three months with the next clean-up occuring during mid-November.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will the clean-ups occur? 
The clean-ups will happen every three months.

Why is this happening now? 
Council prioritises the safety of our cemeteries so this clean-up is occurring to ensure that each cemetery provides a clean and safe environment for all visitors.

Which cemeteries are participating in the clean-ups? 
At this stage, the clean-ups will be occurring at the following cemeteries – Tanderra Lawn Cemetery Chinchilla, Jandowae Cemetery, Miles Cemetery, Myall Remembrance Park (Dalby Lawn Cemetery) and Tara Cemetery.

Will the whole cemetery be cleaned at the same time or in sections? 
The whole cemetery will be cleaned all at once.

Who will be completing the clean-up? 
The cemetery clean-ups are initiated by Western Downs Regional Council, therefore the Parks and Open Spaces teams will be completing the clean-ups.

How long will the program run for? 
This is an ongoing program with clean-ups scheduled to be completed every three months.

Will the Tribute Strategy include other cemeteries within Council? 
The Tribute Strategy is planned to occur in all Council owned cemeteries, however the main five cemeteries will be the focus for the first clean-up (November 2018).

What items are allowed at the cemetery and what items are prohibited? 
Flowers, wreaths and artificial flowers are allowed on each plot at the cemetery, however for the safety of our visitors and the upkeep of the ambiance of the grounds the following items are prohibited: planted trees, glass, ornaments, containers, crosses, flags, photo frames, bottles, cups, solar lights, ceramics, deteriorated soft ornaments, ornaments that intrude other graves, deteriorated flowers/wreaths and deteriorated artificial flowers.

Where can the tributes be collected from? 
Tributes can be collected from designated pick up areas at the relevant cemetery.