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Pound Pets Desexing Program


Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Pound Pets”?

Pound Pets is a collaborative program between Council, the Dalby Herald and the Chinchilla News. This program aims to increase the re-homing rates of impounded animals that are eligible and suitable for adoption. This program aims to find homes for as many impounded dogs and cats that it can, while encouraging responsible pet ownership across our region.

How does the free desexing program work?

This free desexing program is available to all residents of the Western Downs (proof of residency is required). For the duration of the program, Council’s free desexing program applies to all dogs and cats that are eligible for desexing. If you adopt a dog or cat during the program Council will, in addition to microchipping your new pet, cover the costs of your pets desexing at a vet of Council’s choice. It is a mandatory requirement that all eligible pets adopted out while this program is underway are desexed.

When you adopt a Pound Pet you simply pay the adoption fee and the registration fee (other than for cats where no registration fee applies). Council staff will make the necessary booking with a vet in either Chinchilla or Dalby. Post-surgery you will be contacted by the veterinary service so that you can collect your newest family member.

*Note: Additional costs associated with post-surgery treatments may be incurred. These costs are the responsibility of the dog owner, not Council.

What animals are available?

Subject to availability, each week the Chinchilla News and Dalby Herald advertise Pound Pets that are eligible for re-homing. In addition to dogs that are advertised each week, there are instances where additional Pound Pets are available. Should you be looking for a particular kind of dog, you can call Council on 1300 COUNCIL and ask to speak to one of our Local Laws Officers to see if we can help you in finding your new family member.


Pound Pets Adoption Program


The Pound Pet adopter shall be responsible for any claims, complaints, or causes of action whatsoever, whether in law or equity, against the Western Downs Regional Council for injury caused to any person or property; and any loss, expenses (ie veterinary costs, dog behavioural and medical costs etc.) arising from the adopted Pound Pet. Council makes no representations or warranties about the adopted Pound Pet including its behaviour or health.