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Knowles Pavilion revamp to create entertainment precinct in Dalby

28 June 2017

Concept details of the revamped Knowles Pavilion illustrate Council’s plan to create an attractive and highly functional entertainment centre that will become the focal point for community events, civic functions and celebrations in Dalby for decades to come.

It’s been a long time coming for Dalby residents with Western Downs Regional Council announcing plans to upgrade the Knowles Pavilion at the Dalby Showgrounds, creating an integrated entertainment precinct that will meet the growing demand for civic, cultural and social activities in our region.

  • The project addresses a major gap in our region’s community facilities with the absence of a civic centre in Dalby limiting the town’s ability to host performing arts, expos, functions, civic and cultural activities;
  • The proposed Knowles Pavilion refurbishment will not only enhance the liveability of our region but also provide economic stimulus through event tourism and associated short stay visitor opportunities;
  • Council is seeking $950 thousand from the State Government’s Building Our Regions program towards the $1.97 million project, with the balance allocated in its 2017/18 budget;
  • The scope of timing of the project is subject to Council successfully securing Building Our Regions funding;
  • The revamped Knowles Pavilion will be a highly functional and adaptable entertainment precinct and the focal point for community events, civic functions and celebrations for decades to come.

Council Spokesperson for Facilities Councillor Ray Brown said the Knowles Pavilion upgrade is a significant community infrastructure project for our region and will see a civic centre located in Dalby for the first time.

“Experience tells us that Dalby has been missing out on the economic benefits of event tourism and associated short stay visitor opportunities because it doesn’t have a modern facility capable of hosting large scale functions,” he said.

Concept design of the Knowles Pavilion upgrade by Aspect Architects and Project Managers.

“This project is something that the Dalby community has long been calling for and we now have a financially feasible option to make it happen thanks to funding available through the Building Our Regions program.

“It makes sense to build upon what is already a valued community facility, however as the Knowles Pavilion built in the late 1970s it requires significant modification and refurbishment.

“This project is an opportunity to incorporate clever design to create a modern and adaptive function space that will greatly boost community use of the facility. At the same time, we’ll improve access, energy and water efficiency as well as reduce maintenance costs.

“The facility will form part of a network of civic centre across the Western Downs, not only enhancing the liveability of our region but boosting our ability to attract civic, cultural, community and business events.”

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Media Contact:

Cr Ray Brown | Spokesperson for Council Facilities | 0407 650 216