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Jandowae moves to Level 5 water restrictions

7 November 2016

While many parts of the Western Downs welcomed recent rain to refresh local water supplies, the rain missed Jandowae and this has resulted in low water supply levels for the town triggering the move to Level 5 water restrictions from midnight 13 November.

  • The lack of recent rain and reduced inflows into Jandowae Dam has seen a drop in the town’s water storage;
  • This, combined with high temperatures across October and our typically long, hot summers, has prompted a change to current water restrictions;
  • Residents of Jandowae are advised that buckets may only be used within permitted watering times;
  • All other watering devices are banned under Level 5 restrictions.

Western Downs Regional Council Spokesperson for Utilities Councillor Peter Saxelby urges residents to continue their efforts to use water mindfully in their homes and workplaces.

“Jandowae has received minimal rainfall over the past months, meaning that water supplies across the region have dropped below trigger levels. With the hot summer months fast approaching, we’re implementing tougher water restrictions to help minimise water consumption and manage the remaining water supply,” he said.

“Our residents have done a great job of being resilient during tighter water restrictions in the past, and I have no doubt they will continue to do so. I encourage all residents, regardless of location, to use water efficiently and responsibly.

“Being waterwise is as simple as making a few small changes in how we go about our day: turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, take a shorter shower and check regularly for leaks. These small changes definitely add up, and help save water for a sustainable future.”

Residents of Chinchilla, Dalby, Flinton, Glenmorgan, Tara and Warra are advised that their water restrictions have relaxed thanks to recent rain in these areas, and will move to Level 2. In addition, Brigalow will move to Level 3.

This change in water restrictions is also a friendly reminder to all customers in the Western Downs to ensure they become familiar with the activities permitted under each restriction level, by visiting the fact sheets on Council’s website at or by calling 1300 COUNCIL.

Council Officers conduct regular patrols across the region to ensure adherence to the Water Restriction Policy.


Media Contact:

Cr Peter Saxelby | Spokesperson for Utilities | 0475 007 554